15 best positions to have sex

If you love your partner very much but now you find it boring to have sex, then by trying something new, you can increase your sex pleasure and give a lot of love to your partner. Trying a new position in sex makes your relationship stronger and if you start feeling some newness in your relationship, then definitely adopt the sex position mentioned below.

15 best positions to have sex

Try these sex positions with your partner and make your life more pleasant. Know further sex position About this.

1. face to face position

In this position, both get equal satisfaction. Because in this both the partners have sex while facing each other. Many times men get very tired during sex and their attention goes less towards satisfying their female partner. You can do this lying down, sitting, kneeling, even standing.

2. doggy style

This is a very popular sex position. Many women like this position the most because women who have a good hip size, they enjoy this position. Such women love doggy style very much. Men also feel more stimulating when having sex in this position.

3. sizzling missionary

Create a new experience of classic missionary. For this, instead of spreading your legs wide, spread your partner’s legs across your body, so that there can be mutual genital touch. This works great because it doesn’t depend on the size but on the relationship between you and your partner.

4. riding in the sunset

You may find this position comfortable because it allows for intimate kissing and eye-catching and allows you to create the rhythm that you enjoy the most. Not only will you be able to position the clitoris to your liking and increase sexual pleasure, but you can also move your pelvis back and forth to create a comfortable rhythm.

5. Standing

This exercise requires a lot of stamina. Doing it standing has many fitness benefits for different muscles. This sexual position can also be fun in which the girl can flex her muscles and improve arm strength as she grasps the man.

6. cowgirl

cowgirl Women are very much liked because they are in charge of their own body and their sexual experience. The cowgirl flexes the lower abdominal, pelvic muscles and this position serves as an exercise to build stamina and leg muscles.

7. spooning sex position

In this, even though there is no eye contact, each other can be understood and felt, in this sex position both the partners come very close to each other. Both the companions lie adjacent to each other that they look like spoons. The male partner bends his knees while taking turns and lies behind the female in such a way that he penetrates from behind.

8. women on top

Many women do not like this position much, but most women like it. Because it gives women more control over their own intercourse. Women themselves decide at what speed they want to have sex. Women can stop whenever they want and can increase their speed whenever they want. In this position, men can easily touch the breasts of women as well.

9. lean on partner

You can take the help of a wall or table to lean on. Wrap your foot around the other person’s leg for support. Stimulate each other by rubbing your clitoris against your partner’s genitals by moving your body closer or farther in a comfortable rhythm.

10. wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow sexual position strengthens the arms of a woman and a man. You can burn up to 100 calories from this position. The man uses his leg muscles to support the girl and also uses his core muscles.

11. Arch

The arch position female exercises the core muscles and the legs — the glutes and quads. This sexual position is a good way to reach orgasm in a woman.

12. criss cross sex position

In this position, the female partner is below the male and the male makes a scissor-like shape by coming out of the female’s legs. That is, the male partner sits cross-legged and the woman in a way sits on the man’s lap by wrapping him with hands and feet. It does not put much weight on the body.

13. sitting on a pillow

Place it under your pelvis for more support. Now bend your knees and bring your pelvis upwards and spread your legs so that you can exert emphasis. The good thing about this position is that it allows you to control the depth of penetration.

14. lotus

The lotus position also makes sex intimate because you and your partner are facing each other. While it may sound like an easy sexual position, the lotus position improves your glutes and core.

15. folded deck position

In this position, the man is on top of the woman and he keeps the lower part of the woman and the legs on his shoulder. In this, the man raises his knees and feet slightly.

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Conclusion :

By trying all these positions, you can stay in bed longer and it will bring your partner closer to you. Helpful to make your love filled moments more beautiful. You can do this position in any of these sex positions.