3 feuds elevated at Money in the Bank

Money in the Bank is an unusual Premium Live Event for WWE.

It has championship bouts, excitement, and the single most intriguing match stipulation in all of sports entertainment, the Money in the Bank contract, which grants its holder an opportunity to insert themselves into any title match regardless of how far along it may be in the hopes of picking up an easy win and a new piece for their trophy case. And yet, because it isn’t one of the company’s “Big Four,” The Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlamand Survivor Seriesthe show is sometimes used as a stepping stone for bigger events later in the calendar year.

In 2022, Money in the Bank had all of that; though the match card wasn’t met without some contention both before the start of the show or in the middle of it – looking at you, Theory – the overall reviews of the show were a resounding success, even if its ultimate ending left a little bit to be desired.

And yet, just because Money in the Mank is over doesn’t mean its ramifications won’t be long-lasting. If anything, MitB 2020 actually set the stage for more than a few deep-seated feuds that could be fixtures of WWE television for the next month in the leadup to SummerSlamwhich is one of the company’s “Big Four” Premium Live Events.

Money in the Bank set up feuds well into the summer for WWE.

3. Drew McIntyre versus Sheamus

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Though the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match was loaded with potential angles heading into the future, from Riddle versus Seth Rollins, Riddle versus Theory, and pretty much everyone else versus Theory too, the one feud that will survive well past the event is the one with the deepest roots heading into it: Drew McIntyre versus Sheamus.

Since first meeting each other all the way back in 2008, when Drew McIntyre and Stu Sanders wrestled a tag match against Jack Gabriel and the man then known as Sheamus O’Shaunessy, the duo have shared a ring on 72 occasions, and gone to absolute war with each other on more than a few occasions. While they did have to work together in the leadup to Money in the Bank, as they were counted out in their qualifying match and had to team up to make it into the event, their truce was short-lived and they ended up duking it out in the ring during the MitB match, including a particularly gnarly exchange where McIntyre was trapped under the ladder before bench pressing it off his chest while Sheamus climbed up.

Needless to say, this one feels destined for a SummerSlam beatdown.

2. The Usos versus The Street Profits

In this writer’s humble opinion, The Usos and The Street Profits put on the best match at Money in the Bank by a pretty wide margin. The action came fast, loose, and furious, both teams hit moves that will remain on their highlight reels for years to come, and in the end, the Usos kept their streak alive as they rapidly approach a full year with the belts.

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… but then the referee tapped his hand down 1-2-3 despite Montez Ford clearly having his shoulder up and suddenly, the clean ending of an incredible match became clouded with the storm of controversy that likely won’t dissipate until SummerSlam at the end of the month.

Have the Usos and the Street Profits wrestled before? Yes, they’ve wrestled 24 times to be exact, but that 25th one very well might have been their best and if 25 can top it again, well, then the fans watching from home and assembled in Nashville for SummerSlam will be the true beneficiaries of their in-ring success.

1. Bianca Belair versus Carmella

Bianca Belair wasn’t supposed to wrestle Carmella at Money in the Bank, No, that honor belonged to Rhea Ripley, but after having to bow out of the match due to her recovery from a mouth injury, and after a qualifying match to earn a spot in the ring opposite the “Est of WWE,” Mella shocked the world – and Becky Lynch – to punch her ticket to Las Vegas.

The results, surprisingly, were money.

In the ring, Belair and Carmella worked well together, with the duo wrestling a traditional, fundamentally-sound match with very few obvious errors. Mella got Belair with a very well-placed superkick, Bianca countered with her marching delayed vertical suplex, and in the end, the champ retained in a solid effort.

If that was that then that would have been that but when the match came to an end, Carmella attacked Belair, accusing her of being a bunch of Est-s that aren’t exactly kind. Fortunately, if Mella can build on that momentum heading into a Fourth of July edition of RAW, it’s entirely possible she may have parlayed a single qualifying match win into not one but two championship matches at Premium Live Events. Huh, I guess Mella really is money.

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