3 reasons why The Sandman can become Netflix’s big franchise

For years now, Netflix has turned into a breeding ground of sorts for projects to turn into massive franchises. The biggest example, of course, is Stranger Things and how it has captured the public’s imagination with each season of the show. But while the fan favorite is certainly at the top of the mountain, there are other contenders who have the potential to become major hits on the world’s biggest streaming service. Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman is among those contenders and it appears to be building up momentum for its premiere this week.

While casual fans may not have heard of Gaiman’s magnum opus, there are several reasons why The Sandman has become so loved. We take a look below at another set of reasons which can bolster its chances of becoming Netflix’s next big franchise.

3 reasons why The Sandman can become Netflix’s big franchise

The casting surprisingly works

The Sandman’s 75-issue run had an eclectic cast of characters led by no other than Morpheus, the shaper of dreams himself. These men, women, gods, and monsters, among others, would be both a dream and a nightmare to those responsible for casting them. Fortunately, the folks at Netflix appear to pull that part off.

First off, Tom Sturridge nails the icy and stoic demeanor of Dream. Even with just the trailers, the actor’s mannerisms and tone achieve the job of transporting the beloved Neil Gaiman creation from the comics to live-action. But it isn’t just Sturridge who’s getting all of the attention here as the other cast members look promising as well.

Gwendoline Christie looks effortlessly menacing as Lucifer, ruling over Hell and all of its demons without even breaking a sweat. Jenna Coleman is bringing a different, yet welcome take on Johanna Constantine. Kirby Howell-Baptiste, on the other hand, delivers a version of Death that will make people gravitate toward the character. Meanwhile, Boyd Holbrook’s Corinthian aims to send chills of horror when the nightmare unleashes himself as the series progresses. Add the likes of Patton Oswalt and Mark Hamill and you’ve got a cast that’s worth watching in one sitting.

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The Sandman’s story can go for seasons

As mentioned earlier, The Sandman enjoyed a 75-issue run when it was published by DC Comics from the late 80s to the early 90s. From its initial start as a horror comic, Gaiman’s creation progressed to utilize the fantasy genre and made full use of it as time went on. In a way, these different story arcs will surely be used by Netflix as source material for a potential The Sandman season 2 and beyond.

What’s great about this potential multi-season arc is that there is a definite end in sight. Unlike other series that have been put out in the past, and even those that are available right now, the need to stretch the story itself often ends up as a detriment than something that can elevate a series into a true franchise.

With a definite start, middle, and end, The Sandman can enjoy a number of seasons and deliver a conclusion worthy of fans’ adulation. And even with a sure ending, the great thing here is that Netflix can create a variety of spin-off shows from the main Sandman series if it chooses to do so. This will truly catapult the DC property into a massive franchise for the streaming giant.

Neil Gaiman

Although there are more well-known names out there on current or upcoming streaming projects, like JRR Tolkien and The Rings of Power or George Martin and House of the Dragon, there’s no reason not to give credit to Neil Gaiman.

The Sandman creator isnt just known for the upcoming series. He’s also responsible for other fantastic works of art, which include the likes of Coraline, American Gods, Good Omens, and Stardust, among others. The British author is also credited with a boatload of prestigious accolades, such as the Hugo, Locus, and Eisner Awards, to name a few. With his experience and the number of achievements he has amassed, there’ll surely be enough ideas and concepts for The Sandman to succeed as a franchise.

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For these reasons, it won’t be a surprise anymore if The Sandman gets renewed by Netflix for a second season. If it does, expect Gaiman’s creations for DC Comics to capture everyone’s imagination and hold it captive for the years to come.

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