5 Delicious Kheer Recipes For Mid-Week Indulgence

Indian desserts have a plethora of options to choose from. From mouth-watering Gulab Jamun, Besan Ke Ladoo to Sandesh, Payasam, Gajar Ka Halwa and more – we are spoiled with choices! However, kheer is one such dessert that is loved by many and never fails to satisfy our sweet tooth. A generous serving of this creamy rice and milk pudding is enough to drive away our mid-week blues. But have you ever wondered if you can experiment and give your kheer a unique twist? Guess what? You can! Mango, Sitaphal, Gulab Seviyan and more, try out these flavourful recipes and amp up your dessert experience. Here we bring you a list of delicious kheer recipes that you can easily make at home, so, let’s take a look.

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5 Kheer Recipes You Can Make At Home: 

1.Mango Kheer (Our recommendation) 

Add mango pulp to your classic rice kheer and enjoy the tangy and sweet taste of this delectable dessert. It is perfect for the summer and takes less time to cook than the regular kheer. Click here for the full recipe of Mango Kheer. 


2.Ganne Ki Kheer (Sugarcane Juice Kheer) 

If you’re looking for something unique yet delicious, then this recipe is just for you. Add sugarcane juice, cardamom and dry fruits to your regular kheer, and treat your taste buds with a unique blend of flavours. Click here for the full recipe of Ganne Ki Kheer. 

3.Sitaphal Kheer 

Sitaphal, also known as custard apple, is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin BC, calcium as well as iron. This creamy dessert is easy to make and will definitely satiate your sweet tooth cravings. Click here for the full recipe of Sitaphal Kheer. 

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4.Gulab Seviyan Kheer 

Here we bring you another kheer recipe that spells indulgence in every bite. The addition of dry rose petals and rose syrup gives this dessert a distinct taste – an aromatic experience you definitely do not want to miss out on! Click here for the full recipe of Gulab Seviyan Kheer. 


5.Kharbooje Ki Kheer 

Muskmelon kheer also known as cantaloupe kheer is a unique sweet dish made with rice paste and thick melon pulp cooked together in a creamy milk mixture. It tastes best when garnished with saffron and almonds, and is served cold. Click here for the full recipe of Kharbooje Ki Kheer. 



Make these delicious kheer recipes and impress your family with your culinary skills! Do let us know which one is your favourite in the comments section below.