Aaron Donald speaks on viral choke drill

Los Angeles Rams star Aaron Donald went viral recently for his rather bizarre drill during training camp, but he doesn’t want anyone to think that it’s disrespectful or what.

For those who missed it, Donald was recently caught on video choking his rookie teammate Elijah Garcia. While it’s clear there was no malicious intent and it’s purely a drill–considering Garcia willingly approached Donald and their other teammates were doing it–fans couldn’t help but react how the freshman’s head went back and forth while the Rams tackle held his throat.

Aaron Donald, however, cleared the air on the misconceptions about what they did. He noted that it’s a technique called run scoot.

“It’s a technique. Run scoot,” Donald said in an interview with Brandon Marshall, via I Am Athlete, “I’m closing my ‘A’ gap. This is my ‘B’ gap. I’m closing that. That’s the guard, I’m closing that ‘A’ gap. So they can’t cut back, they can’t cut to the ‘A’ gap, they gotta cut to me.”

When Marshall asked what’s more disrespectful between his drill and Derrick Henry’s infamous shoving of crouched defenders, the Rams superstar was quick to defend there was no disrespect to what he did at all. He added that since Elijah Garcia is a rookie, he has to do such stuff anyway.

“It ain’t disrespectful. It’s a technique. He’s a rookie! He’s gotta pay his dues! He had to!” Donald added while laughing.

It does seem the rook has no problem with the drill, so perhaps fans can let Donald get away with it this time. Besides, who doesn’t want to see the 31-year-old destroy and dominate others? That’s what he usually does against opponents anyway.

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