Acer launches antibacterial sanitiser that can be attached to a tap, priced at Rs 16,999


Acer has launched a Ozone antibacterial sanitiser powered by what the company calls ‘instant ozone generation technology’. Priced at Rs 16,999, the device will allow users to sterile products and keep them fresh and bacteria-free. Acer claims that the device uses its patented ‘instant ozone generation technology’ that instantly dissolves ozone in water. This helps remove 75% pesticides from the surface extending the shelf life of edibles by 2 to 3 times.
What is Ozone Antibacterial sanitiser
The Ozone antibacterial sanitiser is a device that can be attached to any regular tap in the house which then produces ozonated water that can be used to clean products like fresh food, utensils, and surfaces. During the reduction process, the water can achieve sterilization, deodorization, bleaching as well as preservation.
The company says that Ozonated water has strong antibacterial properties that can be used to clean dishes, milk bottles, vegetables, toys, etc. The water is also said to be effective against E.coli and can replace the alcohol-based cleaning liquids. The water, according to the company, has also proved to reduce pet diseases such as bacterial infections, fungal infections, parasites, and allergies.
How the sanitising device works
As mentioned above, antibacterial sanitiser device can be fixed on any regular tap in the house. The sanitiser will then automatically mix ozone into the tap’s water to create ozonated water. Once the device is attached, users can simply open the tap to get the ozonated water and use it as per their needs.
Price and availability
Acer has launched the Ozone Antibacterial sanitiser at Rs 16,999. It is available at the company’s online store and Amazon and Flipkart websites.