AEW Dark fan favorite competes at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

The Fourth of July is celebrated a little bit differently in Brooklyn, New York than anywhere else in the United States of America. Sure, people still have cookouts, shoot off fireworks, and celebrate the land of the free as they so see fit but they also do so by having a hot dog eating contest at the intersection of Stillwell and Surf Avenue, at the flagship location of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs.

A massive crowd is assembled, thousands of hot dogs are cooked up, and a mustard yellow belt is handed out to the man – and a pink belt is handed out to the woman – who eats the most bunned wrapped encased meat tube in 10 minutes.

Why, you may ask, is this relevant to AEW, a wrestling company that almost never features hot dogs on their weekly programming? Well, because a past participant of their YouTube show, AEW Darkplus the Young Bucks’ digital show Being The EliteMegabyte Ronnie took part in this year’s hot dog eating contest, marking his fifth straight appearance in the event.

Now, as fans may recall from the Megabyte era of AEW Dark, Ronnie would not only wrestle in the ring, where his well-quaffed hair and blonde mustache brought visions of another “Real American,” Hulk Hogan, but also feature his handy fanny pack, which would feature a hot dog from which to recharge his battery mid-way through the match. While it didn’t result in many wins in an AEW ring, the gimmick is massively popular on the indies and will likely keep his booking email busy for the foreseeable future whether for food-eating contests or for wrestling matches.

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