After 60 years, US House panel to conduct hearing on UFOs

A US Congress panel on Tuesday will conduct a hearing on the reports of unidentified flying objects for the first time in 50 years, Bloomberg reported. The Congress had last held a hearing on the UFOs in the 1960s. The hearing comes a year after the office of the Director of National Intelligence had released a report on the UFOs. 

Indiana Representative Andre Carson, a seven-time lawmaker who will oversee the hearing on Tuesday, said, “Someone has to do it”.

“There are ways that we can raise questions that UFO-logists have raised for many years, and just average everyday citizens have raised — for decades now,” Carson said standing outside the Capitol.

“We all watch television, we’ve heard things, we’ve read things,” he said. “We want to see the footage and have it explained to us. That’s what we want to accomplish,” he added further, while pointing out that there could be national security implications in some of what the panel learns during the hearing. 

Last year, the US report on the UFOs to characterise the potential threat posed by them showed that the administration was able to explain only one of the 144 cases of unidentified flying objects which were reported by the military planes. 

The report called ‘Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’ stated that the lone case was of a large deflating balloon, while the others remained unexplained. 

The report had also included some cases including a Pentagon video from some naval aviators showing aircraft off the US East and West coasts ‘exhibiting speed and maneuverability exceeding known aviation technologies and lacking any visible means of propulsion or flight-control surfaces’, Reuters had reported. 

In May last year, a documentary filmmaker called Jeremy Corbell released a 46-second video clip of radar footage which according to him showed a swarm of UFOs near a navy ship. The filmmaker claimed that the video was captured in June 2019 by the Combat Information Centre of the USS Omaha, an Independence-class littoral combat ship, off the coast of San Diego.