Apple M2 chip coming to these Mac models; MORE variants than M1 generation

Apple M2 chip could be powering a vast variety of devices, ranging from MacBook, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, and more.

The Apple M2 chip is coming to us with full force! Over the years, we have seen Apple taking its time to release more powerful versions of the M1 generation chip, with the most powerful one released last month – the M1 Ultra in the Mac Studio. Similarly, Apple is now said to have plans for releasing its M2 chip for more Mac models, starting with the MacBook models and eventually reaching the Mac Pro. And since the information comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, we can assume there might be substance here.

Gurman says that the M2 chip will be introduced with the next-generation MacBook Air and the entry level MacBook Pro. This is just like how Apple debuted the M2 chip on the current-gen Air and Pro models. The M2 chip will have an octa-core CPU and a10-core GPU at the helm. Then there will be the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips that will be powering the updated versions of the 14-incha nd 16-inch MacBook Pro models.

Apple M2 chip lineup detailed

With the M2 Pro and M2 Max, Apple will be offering 12-core CPUs and 38-core GPU, which will be far more powerful than the current generation models.

But that’s not all. The M2 Pro chip is also said to be making its way to the Mac Mini. The M2 Max chip will be powering a new Mac Pro model. And eventually, Apple will unveil a M2 Ultra, or M2 Extreme, which will essentially be a successor to the M1 Ultra chip.

Apple is expected to reveal its plans regarding the M2 series of chips at the upcoming WWDC22 event. However, Apple in its invite has mentioned talking mostly about the software products, and updates to all its operating systems. Hence, we may have to wait and watch how Apple goes about with the announcement regarding the M2 series chips.

What remains to be seen is whether the M2 lineup of chips makes it to the iPad range. Currently, Apple uses the M1 chip in the iPad Pro models and the iPad Air. We have just reviewed the iPad Air with the M1 chip and were left impressed with the tablet’s performance credentials.