Apple puree for babies is easy to digest and nutritious

Made from good quality apple fruit extract, apple puree makes for a good food option for babies. Delicious in taste and nutritious, the puree will be relished by babies, and how! They are a rich source of carbohydrates, proteins etc and are made with the promise of purity. Their texture is smooth and the formulations are free from preservatives, added sugar and salt. Also, the puree is easy to digest for children. They help in improving immunity, energy levels and also support bone development.

If you have been looking for apple puree options for babies, then our list below will definitely come in handy. Some of them also come with interesting flavour combinations like apple and banana, or apple and blueberry. All of them come in travel-friendly packaging, and therefore it is easy to feed the child on the move. Scroll down to take a look at options.

A for Apple – Apple Puree | Mother Nurture

This formulation of apple puree is pure and sweet. It doesn’t contain sugar, preservatives, colours etc and is made from quality ingredients. It is safe, nutritious and healthy for your child. Babies between the age of 1 and 4 plus can have this puree. Besides, the formulation is made on state-of-the art equipment, which is completely sterile and employs latest technology to ensure purity.

Bapple Berry’s – Apple and Blueberry Puree

This formulation is made from best quality ingredients and is 100% natural and pure. It comes with a delicious flavour of apple and blueberry and is free from preservatives, added colours and flavours. Ideal for consumption for babies between one and four plus, the former will relish it. It is easy to digest for babies and makes for a healthy food option. Besides, the texture of the puree is very smooth.

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Happa Organic, Apple + Oat Puree
This apple and oat puree is made with the goodness of organic apples and oat flavour. The sweet and yummy taste of this formulation is something every baby will like. A power-packed meal, it comes in a travel-friendly packaging. It will aid in boosting immunity, energy levels, support bone development and so on. Besides, it is free from preservatives and added sugar and salt.

Baby Food Fruit Puree
This pack of four puree for babies from Ovko will make for a nice pick. A vegetarian formulation, it comes in many delicious flavours. All packs are free from sugar and gluten. Suitable for babies above 6 months, all formulations are made from 100% natural and pure fruit. There is a higher concentration of apple puree in each of the packs.

Funny Fruits – Banana, Apple & Blueberry Puree
This delicious formulation is made from the unique blend of apple, banana and blueberry flavours. It is free from preservatives, sugar, artificial colours and flavours. A vegetarian product, it is suitable for babies above 9 months of age. A nutritious and healthy food option, it is easy to digest. Babies will simply love it. It will boost the energy levels and is also available in different packaging.

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