Batan Papdi Chaat And More: 5 Papdi Chaat Recipes For Weekend Indulgence

Aromatic and jolting spices are what define Indian palates. Agree? The knack for a street snack is an ever-existing and ever-growing phenomenon that has led to Indians getting completely immersed in the chaat hangover. Street-side chaat is something that is likely to draw you as soon as you pass by a stall that is serving some vibrant, both in colour and flavour, chaat. Chaat is an umbrella that encompasses myriad condiments and ingredients, among which, one of the most popular and prominent is papdi. Made with semolina and flour, papdi acts as an addition that offers the taste buds a balanced savoury. A prevalent papdi chaat has, over time, transformed in terms of recipes, to suit people who wish to keep chaat papdi in their menus. 

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So, here are five recipes of papdi chaat that foster the essence of chaat.

Papdi Chaat: A Food Snob's Take on the Popular Indian Street Food

1.Papdi Chaat: Original

Original and arguably the best, this recipe contains the ingredients that established papdi chaat, one of the favourite street food snacks. Topped with masalas, sweetened curd, and pomegranate, this recipe is worth a try.

2.Kuttu Papdi Chaat: Navratri Special

Celebrated across the country twice a year, Navratri has deep and immense religious importance in India. The dietary regime, followed during this nine-day-long celebration, eliminates the use of regular wheat and maize flours. These are replaced by buckwheat and water chestnut flour. But, can a chaat lover stay away from their favourite food for nine whole days? We think not. Hence, this kuttu papdi chaat will be your palate’s companion during Navratri celebrations.

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3.Batan Papdi Chaat: Sindhi Style

Made with hard toasts of flour dipped in tangy sauces and a flood of masalas, this Sindhi style papdi chaat is bound to make a special place in your hearts. Garnish with either coriander, mint, or sev, and what you get is a plate full of satisfaction.

4.Keto Papdi Chaat

Being health conscious has its own gigantic set of advantages. However, the scale leans slightly towards the disadvantage side as well. Example? Staying away from your favourite snack for quite a while. But what if we say that there is something called keto papdi chaat? 

5.Aloo Papdi

We end this article with a recipe that contains one of the most consumed ingredients. Yes, we are talking about potatoes. Aloo Papdi is an Indian version of nachos topped with various elements. So wait not, and start cooking.