Bhringraj Oil Benefits, Side Effects, How to Apply & More?

You might have come across Bhringraj oil sometime or another; through various television advertisements or your mother and grandmother oiling and combing their tresses. Bhringraj, also called the king of herbs, has been used in Ayurveda since time immemorial for various purposes.

The Bhringraj oil for hair has gained popularity in recent times and is easily available in local stores. So, what made this oil famous, and how can it benefit your hair? Let’s take a deep dive into the various benefits of Bhringraj oil and how it can take your hair care routine up.

What is Bhringraj Oil?

Bhringraj oil is extracted from a plant called “false daisy.” It belongs to the sunflower family and is commonly found in moist places like India. This herb has several benefits, including giving your hair the necessary care. The leaves of this plant are heated and mixed with carrier oils (oils used to dilute essential oils and carry them to your skin or hair) to produce bhringraj oil for hair.

You can also find this herb in the form of capsules or powder. According to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of healing the body through traditional Indian medicine, bhringraj can boost hair growth, prevent premature graying and reduce dandruff.

A study reported that the extract of bhringraj works effectively against specific fungi and bacteria. This indicates that the herb can treat bacterial infections and can be useful in promoting scalp health.

The two varieties of the bhringraj herb produce two types of flowers: white and yellow. Both can be used in making the bhringraj oil for hair. However, people often prefer the white-flowered variety to make the bhringraj hair oil.

Nutritional Ingredients of Bhringraj Oil

The oil comes with essential nutrients such as Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium and Vitamin E, which are known to be good for hair growth and health.

Bhringraj Oil Benefits

Bhringraj oil for hair can efficiently reduce dandruff, reduce hair fall and premature greying, and strengthen hair. Ayurveda classifies this oil as “Rasayana,” which means the oil has special anti-aging properties and can help rejuvenate tissue.

1. Bhringraj oil for treating scalp infection

Bhringraj oil contains antibacterial propertiesas reported by a study, This makes it good for people who tend to have scalp bacterial infections, such as psoriasis and tinea infections. The oil can effectively battle different types of follicle infections,

Bhringraj oil benefits include the reduction of hair follicle inflammation and decreasing scalp tenderness, This, in turn, increases hair growth and improves hair growth.

2. Bhringraj oil for treating dandruff

If you have a dry scalp and regularly suffer from dandruff, including bhringraj oil in your hair care routine can help you combat dandruff, The anti-inflammatory and known properties of bhringraj oil help relieve scalp psoriasis symptoms and reduce the itching associated with a dry scalp, The oil penetrates hair follicles and moisturises a dry scalp.

3. Bhringraj Oil Benefits for Hair

If you suffer from excessive hair fall and worry about bald patches in your early life, bhringraj oil can help you out. This ayurvedic remedy works effectively for stress-related hair fall and cools down the scalp (also reducing stress and anxiety).

The various nutrients and minerals in the oil prevent easy hair breakage and act as a natural therapy against hair fall. To see the benefits of the oil, massage your scalp at bedtime to improve blood circulation to your scalp. The oil will seep into your hair roots and support hair growth while nourishing it from the inside.

4. Bhringraj Oil for Hair Growth

Science proves that Bhringraj oil works great for hair growth. A study reported that the oil increased the number of hair follicles which promoted hair growth. The experiment compared the natural oil with Minoxidil (a medication to improve hair growth). The oil turned out to be more effective at increasing hair growth,

The oil also contains an ample amount of Vitamin E that effectively fights against free radicals that play a role in preventing hair growth. Massaging the oil into the scalp increases blood circulation to the roots, essential for hair growth. The oil activates the hair follicles and boosts hair growth.

5. Bhringraj Oil for Gray Hair

Graying of hair is largely genetic; however, there are increasing cases where people are experiencing graying hair in their early 20s. Premature graying of hair occurs when there is a loss of melanin pigment responsible for hair colour.

One of the benefits of Bhringraj oil is preventing premature graying through its darkening properties, It contains ingredients such as haritaki and jatamansi that help in preserving the natural color of hair and reduces premature greying. You can also use bhringraj oil with amla to reduce greying of hair.

Other Benefits of Bhringraj Oil

Apart from the various benefits of bhringraj oil for hair, this humble herb can also work wonders for your overall health. The various benefits of the bhringraj oil include the following:

  • The oil contains Magnesium which is said to have relaxant properties. This can help you relax, improve your mood, and promote better sleep. Magnesium can also help in the prevention of headaches and reduce migraine attacks.
  • Bhringraj oil’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties can help combat urinary tract infections that commonly plague women.
  • Bhringraj oil has been used regularly since ancient times to boost liver health. Bhringraj tonic is used in ayurvedic medicine and has shown properties that help in liver cell generation.
  • When applied topically, the oil can help hydrate dry skin and reduce inflammation commonly seen with psoriasis and dermatitis.
  • A study reported that bhringraj oil, when combined with ashwagandha, improves the cellular activity in animals with Alzheimer’s.

Bringadi Oil Vs Bhringraj Oil – Are They the Same?

Brigandi and bhringraj oil are well known for their benefits. The bhringraj oil consists of just the bhringraj herb. In comparison, the brigandi oil is an ayurvedic recipe with additive herbs such as amla, indigo, ballon vines, and hibiscus. These herbs are extracted into pure sesame oil. This shows that both of the oils are different,

As seen from the ingredients, bhringraj oil will provide your hair with a boost of nutrition and help in reducing dandruff and infections. However, the brigandi oil has several other ingredients that can provide numerous other benefits.

How to Make Bhringraj Oil?

Here is how to make bhringraj oil at home.

  • Spread the leaves out in the sun and let them dry for about three to four days.
  • Dip the leaves in a jar of carrier oil and leave the jar out in the sun for three days until the color of the oil changes to light green.
  • Store the oil in a steel container and use it when required.

How to Use Bhringraj Oil at Home?

You can use bhringraj oil in the form of a hair mask by adding bhringraj powder to a carrier oil such as coconut oil and water, and yoghurt. Apply the hair mask to dry hair and let it sit for around 30 minutes. Rinse your hair with water later.

How to Apply Bhringraj Oil for Hair Growth?

To see the benefits of bhringraj oil, incorporate the oil in your hair care routine and use it regularly.

  • Take the oil into your palm and massage it into your scalp using your fingertips only.
  • Do not use your nails to rub your scalp since that may damage your hair follicles.
  • Rub your scalp in a circular motion and let it sit for around an hour.
  • Later, shampoo your hair twice to deep cleanse your scalp and remove traces of the oil.

You can also use the oil to darken your hair color temporarily. To do so:

  • Mix one teaspoon of bhringraj with two tablespoons of coconut oil and heat it over a low flame.
  • Massage this mix into your hair roots and let it sit for about an hour.
  • Wash it with water and repeat the process two to three times a week.

Bhringraj Hair Oil Side Effects

  • Some people have reported experiencing chills while taking bhringraj orally. Hence it is recommended to consult your doctor before taking oral supplements of bhringraj.
  • When using bhringraj oil, you should always do a patch test before applying it to your hair. Apply a small amount of oil in the inner forearm or behind your ear and wait for 30 mins. Do not use the oil if you experience itching, swelling, and redness.

Summing Up on Bhringraj Oil for Hair

Bhringraj oil has several benefits, such as it prevents hair loss, boosting scalp health, and preventing premature greying of hair. Apart from that, it also boosts liver health, improves memory, reduces headaches and promotes relaxation.


Can I Use Bhringraj Oil Daily?

Yes, you can safely use bhringraj oil daily. Bhringraj oil can increase hair growth, improve hair texture, and be consumed as a liver cleanser.

Can We Apply Bhringraj Oil Overnight?

Yes, you can leave bhringraj oil in your hair overnight. The oil also works effectively if you leave it in your hair for one or two hours.

Can We Mix Bhringraj Oil With Coconut Oil?

Yes, you can mix bhringraj oil with carrier oils such as coconut oil or sesame oil. These carrier oils allow dilution of essential oils and carry them to hair follicles.

Which Is Best for Hair Bhringraj or Onion?

Both the oils are well known for their various hair health properties and work effectively against hair loss. You can choose the oil that suits your hair type the best,