Best Summer Skin Care Tips According to a Dermatologist


As soon as summer starts, you can see changes in your skin like extra oil build-up on your face, tan, clogged pores, and increased breakouts. It means it is time to upgrade your skincare for summer to adapt to heat and humidity. This blog lists useful summer skincare tips that can help you enjoy summer without worrying about your skin.

How Does Summer Affect Your Skin?

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, our skin becomes prone to breakouts, irritation, and heat rash in the summer. Here are some of the most common skin problems that people face during summer:

Due to the summer heat, sebaceous glands produce extra sebum, which can increase pores’ clogging, leading to the formation of whiteheads and blackheads. This can cause acne.

2. Dehydrated Skin

Dehydration and dryness are also common during summers as people tend to spend a lot of time in air-conditioned rooms.

3. Skin Rashes

Bacterial and fungal infections and skin rashes are more common in summers because of sweat, especially if you do not bathe after working out.

4. Sunburn

You can easily get a sunburn or heat rashes in summers if you do not use enough sunscreen. It causes irritation and redness.

Summer Skin Care Tips

Here are some of the essential summer skincare tips that you need for healthy, glowing skin:

1. Sun Protection

Using sunscreen daily is a must in the skincare routine for summer. It Protects your skin from getting tanned and slows down skin ageing, Sunscreen also reduces the risk of skin cancer, Applying sunscreen is important even if you stay at home all day. While staying indoors, you can use sunscreen with sun protection formula (SPF) 30,

If you step out of your home during summers, you should also apply sunscreen to all the exposed body parts. For higher protection, you can use SPF 50+. Also, you should reapply sunscreen every 5-6 hours. Rather than using moisturizers with SPF, it is better to use sunscreen. You need to apply half a tablespoon or two fingers of sunscreen for better protection.

2. Washing Your Face Twice a Day

In the summer season, our skin demands extra care. It is crucial to wash your face with a gentle face wash twice a day to remove dirt and oil, This should be the first step of your skincare routine for summer. However, you should avoid washing your face too much as it can strip the natural oil, which leads to more sebum production.

3. Hydration

Another most important summer skincare tip is to focus on skin hydration. In summers, skin gets dehydrated easily, which can cause irritation, dryness and excess oil production. You must drink 6-8 glasses of water every day to keep your skin hydrated. According to researchhydration makes skin plump and soft and helps reduce dark spots, It is also beneficial in slowing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. You can also add a few drops of hyaluronic acid serum on damp skin for extra hydration.

4. Moisturize

It is essential to know that skin hydration is different from moisturization. Hydration means the ability of your skin to absorb moisture. Whereas moisturizer is used to lock the moisture in your skin. Many people tend to skip moisturizers during summers if they have oily skin. However, skipping a moisturizer in your skincare routine for summer will increase sebum production, making your skin oily. You can use light gel-based moisturizers during summers to avoid stickiness,

5. Exfoliation

In summers, sweat, extra dirt, and oil can cause an acne flare-up. Therefore, it is important to exfoliate your skin often to remove dead cells and avoid build-up, If you have acne-prone or sensitive skin, it is better to avoid physical scrubs and use chemical skin exfoliants like salicylic acid or lactic acid in your skincare for summer. You can start using face washes with skin exfoliating ingredients if you are a beginner. Gradual, move on to exfoliating serums. They help reduce whiteheads and blackheadsand give you healthy, glowing skin.

6. Vitamin C

To reduce tan and dullness during summersyou can apply topical moisturizers or serums containing vitamin C. According to Harvard Medical Schoolusing a vitamin C serum along with sunscreen is essential for skincare for summer as it can help fade pigmentation and acne spots, It also gives you glowing and bright skin. However, you should avoid using vitamin C serums if you have sensitive skin or acne. You must do a patch test before using vitamin C serum for the first time.

7. Double Cleansing

This is an important summer skincare tip to avoid clogging of pores during summers. As the name suggests, double cleansing requires cleaning your face first with an oil-based cleanser and then a gel or water-based cleanser, The first cleanser helps remove sweat and the extra oil on the face. It is also used to remove water-proof sunscreens and makeup. Washing the face for a second time helps get rid of the remaining dirt and oil, You can double cleanse your face at nighttime with an oil-based cleanser or micellar water.

Home Remedies to Get Glowing Skin During Summer

In addition to the above-mentioned summer skincare tips, here are a few home remedies that you can add to your skincare routine for summer to get a healthy glow during summers.

1. Fresh Aloe Vera Gel

According to researchaloe vera gel has skin healing properties. It also helps retain skin moisture and reduces skin inflammation, Applying fresh aloe vera can help reduce inflammation during summers if you have acne-prone skin. Also, since aloe vera keeps the skin moisturised, it is beneficial for dry and dehydrated skin. It can also be applied to the skin to treat sunburn and skin rashes. You can cut fresh aloe vera from the plant, take out a tablespoon of gel and gently massage it on your face daily.

2. Have vitamin C rich-foods

It is easier to get pigmentation and dark spots during the summer season. One of the best ways to reduce blemishes and pigmentation on the skin is to have a diet rich in vitamin C, According to researchVitamin C is a power’s antioxidant that prevents skin from oxidative stressUV light and reduces skin damage.

Vitamin C also slows down the production of melaninwhich helps reduce pigmentation and dark spots and makes skin glow. You can have vitamin C rich foods like lemons, kiwi, strawberry, bell peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, papaya, pineapple, mango, cabbage, and other foods. You can also have over-the-counter vitamin C tablets like Limcee once a day.

3. Honey Yogurt Face Mask

If you have sunburn or irritated skin in summers, you can apply a honey yoghurt face mask twice a week. According to researchhoney has antimicrobial effectsand it can help treat sunburns, It is also a natural humectant that keeps the skin hydrated, Research also suggests that topical application of yoghurt in face masks provides glow and brightness and moisturises the skin. Therefore a honey yoghurt face mask can help tackle skin issues like heat rashes and dullness.

Summing Up on Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer skin usually features tan, increased breakouts, blemishes, extra oil, and dullness. However, you can tackle all these skin issues with the right skincare routine for summer. The two most important summer skincare tips to remember in summers are that applying sunscreen is a must during the day, and keeping your skin hydrated can reduce most skin issues like dark spots and wrinkles. It also helps to keep your skin plump and provides glowing, healthy skin.