BGMI Update: New BGMI update to introduce a new map and other features


Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) v1.8.5 update is expected to be available later this month. The developer of this game, Krafton, has released the patch notes of the upcoming update before the official rollout. Kreafton has also released the preview update on Instagram where it has revealed some information about the upcoming features and changes that will be introduced.
The BGMI v1.8.5 update will be available for players on Android and iOS through their respective app stores. Make sure you have enough storage left on your device as these updates might have bigger file sizes. Here, we will discuss all the features and upgrades that BGMI update will bring for players in the coming days:
A new mode: Jujutsu Kaisen theme mode
The Jujutsu Kaisen Theme mode will be made available to the players in the Ranked matching section. By clicking the arrow icon at the right bottom side of the map, players can interchange the mode with the classic Erangel or Livik . In the gameplay lobby, there will be four characters of Jujutsu Kaisen and players will be able to interact with them.
Players will be able to find locked treasure boxes with various supplies, ammunition and weapons in the game map. Skull grenades, a new gameplay item that can be used to summon the boss will also be available. Players will be offered with a bounty of powerful loot items if they can defeat the boss.

A new map: Santorini Arena map
Santorini is a Greek island famous for its beautiful white buildings with blue rooftops and its pleasant view of the sea. The Santorini map is created based on its Greek namesake. It will be a new 8-on-8 Arena map that is coming to BGMI. It is expected to be a huge map with obstacles and diverse routes, which will make the game more interesting.
Players will have to wear special Santorini red and blue outfits in this map. They won’t be allowed to wear their inventory costumes in the Santorini map. Players will have to fight against each other to score a total point of 80 within 10 minutes. The first squad to score 80 points will win the match.
New voice packs: BGMI partner Jonathan
Multiple new quick chat voice packs of BGMI partners will be introduced on February 18. The new partner’s upcoming voice packs are expected to be made available to the players by the end of the month. However, the official dates when the new partner’s voice packs will be made available have not yet been declared.