Big help to gym goers, people addicted to phone

If you are a regular in the gym or have been facing arthritis pain for years, then this product is for you – wrist band. Just what is it? You may have seen sports stars wear one during a match. Or if you are gym goer, then you may have seen many enthusiasts wear them.

Wrist pain can have several reasons. As per American health care, education and research centre, Mayo Clinic, wrist pain can be caused due to “repetitive stress, arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.” Among gym goers, for instance, carpal tunnel syndrome, is a commonly-occurring injury. These days, youngsters who use phones, tablets and laptops all the time also complain of wrist pain.

While any form of injury requires us to take a doctor’s view and to follow his or her advice and prescription, one can use a wrist band for minor aches and pains based on one’s judgement. Else, if your doctor was to prescribe you to wear one, Amazon is a correct place to order them from.

We have curated a list of such wrist bands which we think you will find useful. Do check them out.

Relief Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace

This wrist band is designed to give support and stability to the wrist by incorporating a medical grade and ergonomically positioned splint. This band makes it hard to move the wrist (basically immobilizes it) while ensuring that full movement to the thumb and the finger is normal. It keeps the wrist in a functional or the ‘dorsi-flexion’ position. Thanks to its medical-grade fabric, it provides therapeutic heat retention while providing firm compression and soft tissue support.

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Strauss Wrist Support Brace

If you are into sports in a major way or are an enthusiast, you should be prepared for some form of injury. This wrist strap protects and stabilizes the wrist and is perfect for working out, tennis, gym, golf or any other sports activity. It is designed to relieve wrist pain with gentle compression and pressure and is particularly useful in giving relief from carpal tunnel syndrome, TFCC (kind of injury) wrist and injured wrists.

Tynor Wrist Brace

This wrist band is so designed to provide the required compression to relieve pain and inflammation. Its thumb opening is so designed to give free movement of thumb and fingers. The makers say this product is useful in post-operative and post cast care as well. It also prevents injury during exercise and games. It uses quality material to provide good compressive strength and retains shape and size for a long time.

Hexafit Pain Relief Wrist Brace

This is a lightweight and free-size wrist band. It is soft and comfortable and gives controlled compression. Made from breathable neoprene material, it retains heat, prevents skin irritation, absorb sweat quickly and make the wrist comfortable. It is designed to reduce wrist pain from joint inflammation, carpal tunnel syndrome and even arthritis and provides wrist support. It can also be used to help reduce strain caused by repetitive movements at the wrist associated with typing, writing and other occupational or sporting activities.

Nucarture Wrist Support

This band is ideal for healing carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist sprain, weak wrists, injured hand, ligament strains, repetitive strain and tendon injuries, prevention and healing of sports injuries, post cast healing and even Rheumatoid arthritis, claim the makers. It is lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear and night use. This band comes with a breathable and sweat-reducing inner lining which is extremely comfortable.

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