Blog Kya Hai And Blogging Kaise Kare Hai

Blog kya hai and Blogging Kaise Kare Hai A blog is a kind of content delivery website, as if we search anything on Google, then thousands of websites related to it come. Among them, we click on the top two or four websites and we see the information we need to know,

We call the content on that website a blog. If you have knowledge on any particular subject or you like to write content, then you can come in the field of blogging.

If you do not have knowledge on any particular topic, and even if you do not have the practice of writing any content, then you can come in this field, you have to give time that blog How to write, you have to increase your knowledge so that you can give good content to the people. Now you must have come to know that Blog what

blog There are also many types, there are blogs on many topics such as Traveling Blog, Free Recharge Tricks, Food Blog, Education Blog, Tech Blog and also there are many blog websites.

Before you create your blog, you have to decide on which topic you want to blog, on which topic you have more knowledge that you can tell people better.

To create a blog, you have to select your domain name according to your topic, the domain name should be such that it is short and easy to remember.

  1. more from blogger
  2. from wordpress

You can create a blog for free with Blogger, but some investment is needed in WordPress.

Blog kya hai how to blog Do

You do not have to pay hosting and domain charges in Blogger, it is absolutely free. But you have to take a custom domain for which you have to spend 100-200 RS

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Blogger is free, so there is some restriction in blogger, in this you cannot develop a professional website like that. To change anything in Blogger, you have to change from HTML. You can change anything in the website only through normal coding.

Blogger kya hh blogging kaise karte hai

account in blogger How to create – blogger pr account kaise bnaye

It is very easy to create your account in blogger, you have to go to the official website of blogger, First go to

  1. First go to
  2. To create a blog, first signup with gmail account (you must have a valid email id.)
  3. Now set Blogger Profile and click on Create Blog
  4. After that you will see the option of Title, Address and Theme, then after that you will write the name you want to put in the title. Entering the name of your website in the address as if you thought of the name of the blog as, so now you have to enter yourname. You have to use the subdomain now

Afterwards you have to take custom domain and select any temporary theme.

  • “So by doing this you can create a blog on Blogger”

WordPress kya hota h | How to do blogging with WordPress

WordPress is a professional blog making website but it is not free, to create a blog website in WordPress, you have to take both hosting and domain, you can create any kind of website you want in WordPress. There are many plugins available to make WordPress blog website professional.

To create a blog in WordPress, you need some initial investment,

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If you do not know about web hosting then you can know from here web hosting kya hai or kitne types ki hoti hai. You have to take hosting from a good company, which has good performance and hosting speed and you-time.

After taking hosting, you have to connect your domain and hosting, then both have to be connected to each other, then you have to set up your site by installing WordPress, and then customize it by applying a good theme to it. it occurs.

Visit wordpress official site Click here

Kya blog se paise kma skte hai agar “haa” to kese

If you are thinking that you can earn money from blogger otherwise then yes a lot of money can be earned from blogger, and if you are thinking that you can create a blog today and money will start coming from tomorrow then this is your There is misunderstanding.

After creating your blog, you do not have to think about at least money for two-three months, you have to focus only on the content of your website, how you can give good content to your people, and if your content If it will be unique and have valuable content, then you will get the approval of Google Adsense.

And if your content is strong, people will come to your site and read the article, stay in your site for a while then Google will automatically show you on the first page. ,

On any topic on which you wrote the article, if there is valuable content in that article, then Google will automatically show it on the first page in that result.

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So if anyone comes to your website, he will like your article, he will stay in your website, he will click on the ad or see the ad, then you will generate income from it.

So in the new blog, first of all you have to pay attention to your content and your website, if you give a lot of time to the website every day, you write good content, then after five to six months, you will start earning a good income on your website.


If you have to come in the field of blogging, and you want to become a successful blogger, then you write on that topic on which you have good knowledge, you should pay attention to your content,

If you have the power in your content, then money will start coming automatically, if you have money and you can make some investment, then you can create a blog on WordPress by taking domain and hosting. And if you don’t have money. If you do not want to spend a few thousand rupees, then you can create a blog website from Blogger. But at least you have to get a custom domain.

In this article I tried to cover all the points that Blog kya hai and Blogging Kaise Kare Hai , How to earn money from blog, what is blogger, what is wordpress, if you have any doubt then you can comment below and turn on notification of our website.