Body sore and Ayurveda: Today’s Body pain is a prevalent thing

Today, the body of the body has become a prevalent thing. We meet many men every day who complain that my J-that organ has joked. Generally, women who sit on the computer, continuously standing on the computer, constantly raised homemakers, etc. This complaint is significant. The body’s movements become difficult to even when one organ is jumped. Free from jacky jumped organ becomes harder. Today, we will see some simple and household therapies of Ayurveda, which can quickly be released from the jumble of any organ of the body. For whom, any of the following will be a convenient experiment, in which

Body sore and Ayurveda: Today’s Body pain is a prevalent thing

(1) If the dock has gone and with other joints, then if other joints have been caught, do a little salt in the oil, and then massage it, so that it will be very relief in the above distress.

(2) For all the joints of the body, there is an accurate remedy for the pain of joints or bones, in which Thauta leaves 800 grams of leaves, and taking 150 grams of circulation, 10 grams of turmeric, boiled, slow down When cooling these oils. This oil massage benefits all types of bodies.

(3) Going to the body, the waist catch, paint in small-large joints, etc. In all the complaints, Single and Hing Passing in the sesame oil and hinged slightly.

(4) I have seen many cases that are an unfortunate part of the legs of the foot—showing a straightforward and experiment on Eddie’s pain, tied up the bandage on the part of the pain, and part of the tragedy of a rooky. This experiment is constantly for 15 days. This is a good experiment for the pain Eddie, vein that the joints are painful. But trading milk is used only for external experts, keeping its particular caution. After this experiment, wash your hands exactly.

(5) If the body has become very much, showing a simple household experiment to release the jacket, in which two ning coconut to take a piece of it, then take it to the Cowper, keeping it in the compare, to warm the copy, Take the oil from heating, then take the oil in the second pot, then put 3 Ning Garlic’s buds and took one of the peppers in this oil, and then get one of the peppers, and subsequently shaken everything—massaging over the limb—after that, rubbing the sand of the body, making the sand heated. After that, Massage over the body limb, making it hot to warm it. Then shake it over the part of that he jumped. By doing this, doing this, the junked organ is free from the jacket.

(6) In the body, ‘thus’ and’ there is a lot of ” wind ‘and the joints” VA. ‘

Stop in 1 cup of cups in the night. In the morning, it brewed 2 to 3 grams and 10 grams. After being buffed from May, take off, and take this Sukanna boil so that the body will go to diarrhea. “Joints ” also belong to this.

The above experiments will be easy to think about and get it like a very beneficiary.

Often sinking or sugar is caught in excessive body joints, in the same way, diabetes patients also have body pain, kingdoms, etc., etc. Indicate some easy remedies to heal this panic.

Genthade (Pippical) 1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon of salt to take with water while sleeping at night, which will give a lot of benefits. 1 tall as much as May, 1 glass of water with 5 grams of liege. When the 1/4 part water remains left, it will drink. If diabetes is not, it can be rolled a little bit. This boils in the night or early morning, drinking body tingling and joint pain.

If constipation is living, drink 1 teaspoon of it. Those who live in the waist pain are very much. They take 200 grams of milk and mix 200 grams of milk in 200 grams of milk. When the water burns down, freezing this ‘vulnerable’ ‘-‘ Pudding ” PV. According to the need, sugar can be obtained. The above experiments offer pretty impressive results in the body sorge, in which two votes are not.