Brody King gets a Darby Allin tattoo ahead of AEW Coffin Match

As if their long and increasingly violent feud couldn’t get any more contentious, Brody King wanted to make his intentions of quite literally putting his fellow AEW wrestler Darby Allin into the ground by permanently etching his intentions forever into his skin via a new, American Traditional style tattoo.

That’s right, after beating the brick out of Allin on AEW, at a Pacific Northwestern Zumiez, and even at San Diego ComicCon, King not only challenged his long-time foe to a coffin match via a pre-taped segment with his fellow House of Black member Malakai Black, but he followed it up with a social media blitz showing his new tattoo, which depicts… well, see for yourself.

“Here lies Darby Allin,” gosh, you have to give it to King; the heavily tattooed 6-foot-5, 284-pound singer for hardcore band God’s Hate isn’t one for subtlety.

Now, fortunately for Allin, he’s taken part in more than a few coffin matches in his time, likely due to his skeleton-y face paint and his signature maneuver being known as the Coffen Drop. Currently sitting 2-0 in the stipulation match in AEW, with wins over both “All Ego” Ethan Page and Andrade El Idolo, Allin now has to face off against his biggest challenge to date – literally – in a match that, if his foe has their say, will end in a funeral .

And the worst part? The match’s date hasn’t even been announced yet, so King will likely continue to haunt Allin until the match eventually comes – no pressure, right?

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