Brooklyn’s Plan B in case of Kevin Durant trade failure

If the Brooklyn Nets don’t get the package they want for Kevin Durant, they are more than willing to drag it out even into training camp.

According to Brian Lewis of the New York Post, the Nets are even willing to try to work things out with Durant and Kyrie Irving if they really don’t receive any offer that would move the needle for them. To recall, Brooklyn is asking for a superstar-caliber player, a young rising star and a number of unprotected first-rounders and pick swaps for KD.

League personnel say the Nets have implied if they don’t get what they want, this could well drag on into training camp.

With tons of offers for Durant, but none they couldn’t refuse and no rush to move him, the Nets are putting out the vibe that they could bring the forward (and maybe even Irving) into camp and see if all parties can make this work. Or if not, all play nice until a world-beating trade proposal is made.

The Nets have every reason not to panic and rush the trade for Kevin Durant. After all, KD himself is under contract until 2026.

Of course Durant can do what Ben Simmons did with the Philadelphia 76ers and opt not to play until he’s traded, but then again, he can’t antagonize the team too much since they have complete control of his destiny.

Furthermore, while things seem to be not progressing on the Durant trade front, it is worth noting that several teams are interested. However, because of Brooklyn’s asking price, suitors have to be creative and try to bring in other teams to help facilitate the deal.

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Put simply, coming up with an offer for a trade of such magnitude will require more than a few days to get sorted out.

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