Browns fan wants justice after being hit by beer can

Attending an NFL game can certainly be fun for football fans, but for one Cleveland Browns backer, it was a nightmare.

After attending a Browns-Raiders game in Dec. 2021, Stephanie Allen was hit in the head with a full beer can which left her with a concussion and severe facial injuries, according to a report by Fox 8’s Ed Gallek.

“I was cheering and clapping because of the touchdown. Next thing you know, something hit me in my head and I went down. It felt like a car hit me in my head,” Allen told Fox 8.

Allen added that she still suffers from dizziness from the attack. What’s worse for Allen is that nobody has been charged with felony assault from the Browns incident.

“Is that fair? No, it’s not fair and I think that’s wrong,” Allen added.

Despite multiple witnesses who saw the attack, nobody has been identified for tossing the beer. The Browns confirmed to Fox 8 that they have shared surveillance video of the attack with authorities to help identify the suspect, however, Cuyahoga County prosecutors believed the attack wasn’t knowingly intentional so they deferred the case to city prosecutors for lesser charges.

Although the case is still under review, Allen wants justice.

“I think that’s assault and I think he should be prosecuted for that,” Allen said.

The Browns released a statement on the incident:

“During all games and events, the team employs significant resources to promote a positive fan atmosphere, including comprehensive safety protocols. While the team’s staff and systems closely monitor all in-stadium activity, fans are always encouraged to proactively contact guest services members about improper behavior, including through an anonymous text line.”

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