Colin Cowherd reacts to Russell Westbrook-Kyrie Irving trade

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets could be involved in a truly groundbreaking blockbuster trade deal in the coming days as a Russell Westbrook-Kyrie Irving swap between these two sides continues to pick up steam. These are two of the biggest (and most controversial) names in the league today and if a trade was indeed going to push through, then there’s no doubt that this would send the basketball world into a bit of a frenzy.

For NBA analyst Colin Cowherd, however, he’s already focused on what type of impact a Russ-Kyrie trade would have on their new teams. In particular, Cowherd turned his attention to what a partnership between Westbrook and Ben Simmons would look like for the Nets. It’s safe to say that Mr. Cowherd doesn’t exactly have a lot of faith in this duo:

“Westbrook can’t shoot. Ben Simmons won’t shoot. If this trade gets made, the new look of Brooklyn Nets, gonna be something special.” Cowherd wrote in his tweet,

When he said “special” it is clear that Cowherd has more than a hint of sarcasm in his tweet — and for good reason. Westbrook was atrocious from the field last season with the Lakers, and we all know how Simmons has earned a reputation of being a bit shy on the trigger, so to speak. As Cowherd imagined, shooting could be a bit of an issue for the Nets if they had a Westbrook-Simmons-led backcourt next season. You can’t say he’s completely wrong here.

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