Cristiano Ronaldo’s next move after telling club he wants out

Cristiano Ronaldo made waves when he recently requested a trade from Manchester United. The decision is surprising, but not entirely shocking given the state of the club’s roster. Ronaldo stated he wanted to leave should Manchester United receive a satisfactory offer in the transfer window. But for now, Ronaldo remains with the club which leaves many wondering what is next for the superstar.

According to ESPN, he is expected to miss the club’s preseason return. However, Manchester United granted him permission to miss it due to family reasons. The ESPN article also states that Manchester United has no desire to trade Ronaldo. But the fact is that he is one of the biggest superstars in the world and he can likely force a transfer if he pleases.

A report from the UK publication Mirror shared further reasoning into Ronaldo’s decision.

“Next season will be the first time he won’t play in the Champions League. He needs to play in the competition – it’s what drives him to produce his best, hence why he wants to move.”

So Cristiano Ronaldo wants to play for a club that is expected to compete. And this is understandable given that he is in the latter half of his career. His talent is still undeniably immense. But at 37 years old, he doesn’t want to waste the final years of his career on a non-winning club.

It will be interesting to see if Manchester United ends up granting Ronaldo’s trade request. For now, he will indeed miss the club’s preseason return.

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