currents: Google will soon shut down this 3-year-old service


Search-engine giant has confirmed shutting down Currents, a work-focused version of its social media platform, Google Plus, specially designed for G Suite users.
The service was first launched in 2019 and just after three years, the company has decided to pull the plug, citing low usage and replacing it with Chat and Spaces, which the company recently integrated into Gmail.
The company has confirmed that the Currents will completely shut down in 2023. The search engine giant has also confirmed bringing new capabilities to Spaces to help users easily migrate from Currents to Spaces.
The new features, which will be coming to Spaces, include support for larger communities and leaders communication, investments in advanced search, tools for content moderation and more. The Spaces in Gmail already have a relatively tighter integration for other Google services like Drive, Calendar, Meet and more.
“We’re also investing in search and discoverability, platform capabilities for app development, and enterprise-grade security and compliance, including data protection, data loss prevention (DLP) and Vault support,” reads Google’s official blog post.
Apart from that, there are a few features that the company will start pulling off from Currents starting Q1, 2022. According to the additional support document provided by the company, the existing Currents users will start losing features like Post Analysis, Tags, Community insights, Mobile notifications for both Android and iOS and Profile Influence features.
The company has also confirmed that they will keep the business and users updated with the migration timeline from Currents and also provide them guidelines on how to switch to Spaces.