Daniel Garcia challenges Kenta to a match at Forbidden Door

Social media is truly a wonderful modern tool for wrestlers to sharpen their character work and build up feuds, and AEW wrestlers understand this just as well as anyone. Though when arguably one of the main catalysts for the entire promotion stemmed from a certain tweet to Dave Meltzer, AEW’s roster should absolutely understand the power a simple tweet can do.

With Forbidden Door rapidly approaching, and four more matches added to the card on this latest edition of dynamite, Daniel Garcia may have just stirred the pot even more when replying to NJPW’s Kenta. After the conclusion of Dynamite, Kenta tweeted out a simple “Knock knock… Are you there??” with the hashtag Forbidden Doorand Garcia almost immediately retweeted with a simple “Yeah.”

And just like that, a (possible) match was born.

Kenta vs. Daniel Garcia would be a great match for AEW’s Forbidden Door.

Though this most recent dynamite confirmed multiple big-name NJPW stars, including Shingo Takagi, Hiromu Takahashi, and of course Kazuchika Okada – much to Adam Cole’s chagrin – one name that is still strangely missing is Kenta. While obviously not every wrestler can be on a single card, Kenta played an extremely pivotal role in the relationship between AEW and NJPW.

Back on February 3rd, 2021, back when Forbidden Door was just a simple phrase, Kenta made a surprise appearance at AEW’s Beach Break, Kenta had a guaranteed shot at Jon Moxley’s IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship thanks to him winning the New Japan Cup USA back in August, and he was attacked by Mox on a late-January episode of New Japan Strong,

The relationship between AEW and NJPW at the time was strange, to say the least. Wrestle Kingdom 14 had AEW representation from Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho, but any future collaboration between the two promotions was seemingly up in the air, a situation no doubt made worse by the ensuing pandemic. The fact that Moxley kept his belt and the fact that he appeared in Strong was a good sign, but no one from New Japan had appeared on an episode of dynamite,

No one until Kenta, that is.

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Seeing Kenta reveal himself as Moxley’s mystery assistant, and the fact that this attack technically saved fellow Bullet Club for-lifer Kenny Omega, raised all kinds of excitement and questions. “Will the Elite rejoin Bullet Club? When will we see more NJPW wrestlers? Is this leading to some kind of super show??”

All of those questions were eventually answered, but Kenta’s arrival was an important step in the process. So, with that being said, why not give Kenta a spot on the Forbidden Door card? And why not against Daniel Garcia?

Garcia, at just 23 years old, has already made quite the name for himself in wrestling. He’s put on plenty of great AEW matches, has been given a chance to expand his horizons as a “Sports Entertainer” under the tutelage of Chris Jericho in his Appreciation Society, and he won both PWG’s Battle of Los Angeles and the PWG title this year .

The last we’ve seen of Garcia, he seemed to be a little on the jealous side with Sammy Guevara potentially taking his spot in the JAS, and with Guevara joining Jericho in their own Forbidden Door matchup, Garcia has an opening to show his stuff as well.

On a card where a lot of the bigger NJPW names are in multi-man matches, a solid singles match between Garcia and Kenta would be a great addition. We could see Garcia’s incredible technique against Kenta’s vicious strikes in a fight between the established all-timer and the upcoming prodigy.

Does this quick Twitter exchange mean a match is definitely happening? No, though it could always happen at some point down the line post-Forbidden Door, Still, between the historical significance and the shared talent between the two, Daniel Garcia versus Kenta would make a great surprise addition.

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