Dell no more wants to connect your smartphone and its laptops, and it is OKAY

Dell is discontinuing the Mobile Connect app and service soon. The company cites no reason but here is what you need to know.

Dell is pulling the plug on its app that could connect your smartphone to your laptop effortlessly. The app, called the Mobile Connect on Dell laptops and Alienware Mobile Connect on Alienware laptops, will no more be available to download starting July 31 and those already using it won’t be able to use it from November 30, 2022. Those in the US will be able to use it for a few months more but Dell will eventually end the service by January 2023.

While Dell has not mentioned any reason behind discontinuing the app, it seems that company rather wants its users to rely on another app from Windows 11 that does the same job. Windows 11 now comes with a Phone Link app (previously Your Phone) that lets you sync your smartphone notifications, calls, allow for file transfers, and more. The Dell Mobile Connect app also used to do the same functions and it seems someone at Dell figured out why continue developing it when Microsoft already includes the same.

Dell shuts down its Mobile Connect app

While the app did all the things the Windows version did, it had one trick up its sleeves – its ability to connect Windows PCs and iPhones. It even allowed for screen mirroring, which is not something the Windows version can do.

Dell advises its users to delete the app prior to the end of service date, and even try to stop downloading it for older PCs. Weirdly, Dell says that this will allow you free up some storage space and get an optimum device experience. Does that mean the computers already installed with this app don’t perform at their optimum levels?

Nonetheless, if you used the Mobile Connect app religiously and wonder what happens next, there’s some good news for you. Screenovate, the software that ran the Mobile Connect app, has been bought by Intel from Dell. Intel had already shown its plans to let the Windows PC sync with Android, iOS and smartwatch devices at the CES 2022 event. The feature will be a staple on all Intel Evo branded laptops.