Diablo Immortal Streamer Quin69 spends $16,000 before uninstalling

Diablo Immortal Twitch Streamer Quintin “Quin69” Crawford spends a large amount of money on the game before uninstalling it for good.

Quin69 went trending when he dropped what’s equivalent to $6,000 on Diablo Immortal at launch in a bid to find a 5-Star gem for his Level 60 Monk character. He did all of this on-stream, and luck was not on his side at the time. Still, the streamer went back a few days after and spent $10,000 more. This time, it worked. He finally got a 5-Star gem for his Level 60 Monk character.

The problem is, that’s just one 5-Star gem. In Diablo Immortal, a free-to-play game rife with controversy because of its predatory microtransactions, players can max out their characters by socketing Legendary Gems on their equipment, meaning a single 5-Star gem just wouldn’t cut it.

Getting these gems isn’t just expensive – it’s also cumbersome to do so. According to this article by Eurogamer, the odds of crafting a 5-Star Legendary Gem with a 5-Star rating is 0.0045%. The odds of getting a 5-Star rating 5-Star Legendary Gem from Elder Rifts, the game’s end-game dungeons, is at 0.002025%.

Hence, it was understandable why Quin69 was elated when he finally got his 5-Star rating 5-Star Legendary Gem. However, it was equally understandable why he got fed up with the game’s system and felt frustrated enough to uninstall the game and delete his character – the character on which he spent roughly $16,000. “F*** Blizzard,” says Quin.

Blizzard’s has been earning more than $24 million since its release and has been downloaded 8 million times. So, in spite of all of our negative feedback on these microtransactions, I doubt it’ll make Activision Blizzard change for the better.

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