Draymond Green goes full Kevin Durant over slander from ‘dumb’ fan

Beyond winning the NBA championship on the court, Draymond Green was also doing work off of it with the promotion of his podcast. The Golden State Warriors star coined the term “new media” which he used to describe NBA players and athletes at large making their voices heard amidst the sea of ​​media narratives revolving around them.

Kevin Durant referenced #newmedia to explain why he wouldn’t guest on the Pardon My Take podcast, claiming that he has his own show to attend to.

One fan responded to Kevin Durant, asserting that the very idea of ​​“new media” is ridiculous given that athletes have “no idea what’s interesting about themselves.

“The idea of #newmedia is so dumb. Current athletes have no idea what’s interesting about themselves, their own platforms are usually beyond boring for anyone that doesn’t want to be propagandized to,” said the fan regarding the Warriors star’s oft used term.

Draymond of course didn’t take that slander sitting down. The Warriors star responded with a much more succinct take on the matter.

“You are pretty dumb sir,” Draymond said to the user.

Draymond Green and Kevin Durant aren’t the only NBA stars using their fame as a platform to speak out on things basketball and otherwise. Guys like JJ Redick and CJ McCollum have been making a name for themselves with their own successful podcasts, giving a voice to players beyond the legends who are far-removed from their playing careers.

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No matter how you feel about the #newmedia movement, it’s here to stay.

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