Elliot Cadeau reveals why he chose Overtime Elite over college basketball

Young athletes today are fortunate enough to have multiple different options to kickstart their professional careers. They can spend up to four years as a collegiate athlete or utilize other leagues outside of the NCAA.

Rising basketball star Elliot Cadeau chose the latter and is one of many young athletes taking advantage of Overtime Elite.

He explained why he chose the new sports league over the common path of collegiate sports.

“I was just thinking NBA, NBA, NBA,” Cadeau said, quote courtesy of The New York Times, “But as I got older, I started thinking more about going to college. With OTE, I get pro training and education, and I get to keep my options open. Plus, I can still make money with NIL”

As an Overtime Elite athlete, Cadeau has the luxury of capitalizing on NIL, while also earning a guaranteed minimum salary of at least $100 thousand a year (per OTE’s website,

OTE also gives its 27 players full health care coverage and disability insurance coverage. And, if an athlete decides not to pursue a professional basketball career, Overtime guarantees athletes up to $100 thousand for college tuition.

No matter what path Cadeau picks, he has a huge career ahead of him. He’s already garnered the attention of multiple schools, receiving offers from universities like Seton Hall, Howard, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech.

In his freshman season with the New Heights Lightning, he was ranked 6th overall and the top point guard on ESPN’s Top 25 Ranked.

Naasir Cunningham, Overtime Elite


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