Empower Your Guardians to Save the Universe. Make the Best Possible Disney and Pixar Character Team to Combat the Fractured

It’s time to join forces with your all-time favorite Disney and Pixar characters in Disney Mirrorverse, the newest stunning game to arrive for Android from Kabam. It will be your responsibility to defeat the villains known as the Fractured, so it will be up to you to assemble your ideal group of Guardians, made up of your favorite Disney and Pixar characters (remember, there is strength in numbers), before embarking on a quest to learn the truth about the Mirrorverse’s newest evil threat.

You’ll need to deliberately assemble your team of Guardians while controlling your resources and bolstering each character to grow a successful team. To help you complete the story mode, Android Police has put together a beginner’s guide that outlines the best approach to take when putting together your team and covers the fundamentals of combat.

In combat, you can send out up to three Guardians. Tap on the symbols for your units in the top left corner of the screen to switch them. Each unit is a distinct class that offers a distinctive skill as well as light and heavy assaults to complete the picture.

To perform a light attack or use a special ability, you tap on the respective buttons on the right side of the screen while controlling your chosen character using a virtual joystick (which is on a cooldown timer).

You’ll need to learn dashing as the next battle strategy. You can avoid damaging strikes made against your character by dashing. For the move to work, swipe in the direction you want to dash. The best way to utilize this skill is to quickly exit any apparent attack rings.

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Your units’ health and armor pools will be used to assess their capacity to survive in combat. Always be aware of how quickly your health depletes and seize control of these characters before they pass out. Keep an eye out for units that are loitering in the melee range because they can take a beating, and be prepared to swap.

When you tap the Play button, the game mode selection screen appears. The succeeding chapters of the story are unlocked as you pass a series of linear stages within each chapter, and the story mode is initially unlocked. Before playing through the story, you can choose the chapter and difficulty (unlocked after the tutorial).

Each stage costs energy points (1 point is recharged every 5 minutes) to begin, and each stage is divided into brief dialogue events and battle scenes. In between waves of a battle, you may periodically choose from a variety of bonuses. Every stage has a suggested power level, thus it’s critical to make sure your team’s power level equals or exceeds the suggested figure to pass the stage.

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