Explained: Auto defrost vs Frost free refrigerators: Key differences, which is better and more

When you go to buy a refrigerator the most common thing that you look for is the design, size and type of the refrigerator. However, you must have also seen the ‘Frost free’ or ‘Auto Defrost’ tags on the refrigerator’s front or in the specifications.
While both the technologies are basically designed to avoid the freezer chamber from getting clogged with huge piles of ice on side walls, but the approach here is very different and also the idea behind both the technologies are different as well.
So, how the two differ and which is a better pick between the two. We have covered everything that you need to know about Auto defrost and Frost free refrigerators.
What is Frost free technology?
Frost free, as the name suggests, does not require users to manually defrost the accumulating ice. It’s a dynamic cooling system which prevents ice from accumulating on the wall.
According to Samsung, in frost free refrigerators, an element is placed that automatically melts the accumulating ice. Also, the entire process is done without hampering the regular cooling cycle of the refrigerator required to keep the food fresh.
What is Auto defrost technology?
The Auto defrost is another common technology you’ll find in refrigerators. However, these days only affordable refrigerators use this technology, especially the single door refrigerators.
Auto defrost feature is common in direct cool or fan assisted cooling systems that lets ice build up in the freezer which users need to remove manually. With Auto defrost in place, the refrigerator comes with a temperature sensor that automatically triggers the defrost process after certain intervals to prevent the freezer from clogging up with the ice.
Frost free vs Auto defrost: Which is better?
While Frost Free is a newer and most advanced technology between the two, it is also slightly more expensive. Most modern refrigerators which come with two or more doors come with Frost free technology. However, the affordable ones that have single door features either manual defrost or auto defrost feature.
Another important difference between the two is that the Frost free refrigerators are relatively more energy efficient. Although, energy efficiency of a refrigerator also depends upon several other factors, but the cooling technology plays an important role in that.