Forensic Review In Hindi! The Story Of Forensic Will Give Goosebumps

Forensic Review in Hindi! The story of forensic will give goosebumps

Hello friends, welcome to our business, today we are going to talk through this article about forensic movie with review and story cast and other information, today we will talk about forensic movie in this article and Guddu Pandit, who became famous from Mirzapur, is giving many films one after the other, but he has mainly gained popularity from the Mirzapur web series, but I am once again showing my performance for acting in a forensic movie. Has presented his role as

On the other hand, if we talk about female actress, Radhika Apte has created history in the world of Bollywood and film industry by presenting her acting as a female actress. I am liking it and have worked in many web series and movies, for your information, if you want to watch this movie online, then you can watch this movie online on zee 5, this movie will be released on June 24, 2022. Has been released on G5, from where you will now be able to watch this movie very easily, in fact this film released on Jeet is the official Hindi remake of the 2020 South Cyclotine Love Film Forensic, directed by Vishal Puria.

Forensic Movie review

The concept and story of the forensic movie are being liked by the people very much. The story and concept of this movie is completely different, in the forensic movie, a serial killer is shown who takes birth of a child and kills them. And this process increases day by day, due to which there is destruction in the city and people start crying because of their child but the forensic team goes to investigate this thing but there some different incident is crazy that too. They get scared and try their best to find out the serial killer. Guddu Pandit in the lead role of this movie i.e. Vikram has tried to make the character of Johnny alive in reality, his style of speaking and his style of walking are very different. Which people are following a lot

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For your information, let me tell you that Radhika Apte was away from the film industry and OTT platform for a long time, but whenever she took one entry, the audience was stunned because her acting and her style of speaking are completely different and Viewers are unable to understand whether this is the same Radhika Apte who flopped on OTT a few days back, It also opens a secret that you would never have thought of and never heard. The background music full of suspenders is also very tremendous, which attracts the mind of the audience more and when it comes to picture quality, the picture quality too. Very nice is given in it, seeing that you will not be bored at all, then the story of the movie has been made so well that you will keep watching this movie but you will not feel boring at all if

Forensic Movie Story in Hindi

The story of Forensic Movie is set in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, where a sensation spreads when the body of a little girl named Jaini is found. When the whole matter reaches the police, the police help the forensic team to solve the case Takes team member Johnny i.e. Guddu Bhaiya reaches Crime Singh to investigate this case, then police officer Megha also helps Johnny a lot in solving this case, but one after the other goes on opening and His secret is not known at all, the story is not as it appears in front of the eyes, in reality, serial killings happen one after the other and the only one to be caught is a 12-year-old child

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Whom the police arrest as a serial killer, but can a 10-year-old child be the mastermind of these serial killers or not, the forensic team puts its full force to solve this case, but that child is also very often minded. It happens that every time he runs away from his mind by dodging the police and forensic team, but a time comes that the youth is going on the road and the police chases from behind and then the forensic team comes and arrests him. And stops in the police station, now the story has to be seen whether 10:00 12 year old child can really be a serial killer or if someone else is behind this, the same story is depicted in this movie. If you want to know the full story, then watch this movie completely, then only you will understand the story completely.

OTT Platform

There is a heartfelt desire in the minds of many viewers to know on which OTT platform the forensic movie will be released, so for their information, let me tell you that the forensic movie is going to be released on G5 cinema on 24th June 2022. If you want to watch it then you can now watch this movie in HD quality with the help of G5 very easily and if you want to download it then you can also download this movie in 1080p quality for your information. For now I would like to tell here that if you have not subscribed to G5 yet, then without subscription you will not be able to watch any movie and web series, so if you want to watch Forcing Movie, then immediately go and subscribe to G5. For your information, let me tell you that you will be able to watch the forensic movie, so there is also a good news for you that right now the subscription of G5 cinema has become cheaper, only you will get a subscription for the whole month in ₹ 99, so what are you waiting for immediately. You can enjoy forensic movies in HD quality by taking a subscription

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Forensic Movie Trailer

The trailer of Forensic Movie has been released on youtube just a few days ago where the audience has given this movie a lot of love. For your information, let me tell you that there are about 20 million views on the trailer of Forcing Movie, from which you can guess that we have risen so much. It is going to prove to be a more super duper hit, friends, it is also necessary to watch the trailer because only after watching the trailer we know how the movie is and we can watch this movie with family or can watch alone or all the information should be given to us. That’s why it is very important to watch the trailer, then without delay go above and enjoy the trailer, after that you watch it online in HD quality on G5


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