Genelia DSouza Gives A Glimpse Of Her Diet And We Are Shocked And Amused

Genelia D’Souza is on a fitness journey where she has decided to eat healthy and work out every day! The actress wanted to take her 10.2 million followers along her adventures, showing how she, an actress, also faces the same problems as we do. From struggling to move out of bed to do an early morning workout to hating to go to the gym, we can’t help but relate to Genelia’s fitness problems. Now, she has also given a glimpse of what her diet looks like! The vegan actress shared what she is eating and we were shocked to see what was on her plate! Take a look:

In the video, she boils one piece of green veggie, seasons it with oregano, and eats using a fork and knife in despair. The food was so less, that it was barely visible on her white plate! Don’t worry, this is not what Genelia eats on her diet. Just showing her humorous side, she uploaded this video on Instagram to mock the myth that people on a diet eat almost no food. With the video, she adds a caption, giving her fans an update on how her second week of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is going. Read it below:

“Exercise is your king, diet is your queen and together they create your dream kingdom”

Week2- And our nutrition plan is set, it’s a lot lesser than what I generally eat but also I think eating should have its own discipline which I kinda lost along the way. I feel now, that I eat exactly as much as I should and I know when it’s time to party, I will have my share of bingeing and hopefully without guilt. So till then, I’d like to say “My diet is defined by my goals”


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While we all know that she is not eating just one boiled green vegetable as her meal, we can understand the struggle there is to control our cravings! What did you think of Genelia’s funny video? Do tell us in the comments section below.


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