george rr martin: Elden Ring’s ‘Confessor’ and ‘Samurai’ character classes revealed


The release date of fantasy RPG Elden Ring is fast approaching. Prior to the launch, developer FromSoftware has been unveiling the playable character classes in the game in a phased manner, two at a time. The latest two classes to join the list are Confessor and Samurai.
While the Confessor is “a church spy adept at covert operations” and skilled with a sword and incantations both, the Samurai is “a capable fighter from the distant Land of Reeds” who is skilled in combat with katana and longbows.

The Japanese developer had introduced Bandit and Astrologer classes prior to the latest reveal. These were Bandit and Astrologer.
A Bandit is an archery-focussed character build, someone who is quite good with ranged combat with bows. An Astrologer, is true to the name, “a scholar who reads fate in the stars”. The Astrologer class is “heir to the school of glintstone sorcery.”
The Warrior is a nomad and dual blades expert. The Warrior fights with both hands, a blade in each and the character class is “an origin of exceptional technique.”
The Prisoner class is an intriguing one. The character is bound in an iron mask, someone who was among the elite before being imprisoned. The Prisoner has studied glintstone sorcery.
Other classes that were announced previously include the Bloody Wolf, the Enchanted Knight, the Prophet and the Champion.