google: Google Drive rolling out new search filters for users


NEW DELHI: Google already has extensive search options for Drive. Last year, the company introduced the search Chips feature, which aims to make search better and help people easily find exact files in Google Drive. Now, the company has announced that it is rolling out the search chips feature for all the workspace users, including G-Suite Basic and Business users.
Announced in beta in November last year, the search chips in Google Drive promises to make it easier for users to find relevant files faster and eliminate the need to perform multiple searches or sort through irrelevant results.
The search chip filter adds a new set of options at the top of the Google Drive interface, offering users the option to narrow down the search based on file type, last modification date, users associated with a particular file.
Google Drive already has search filters that give users the option to specify their search based on word, date, time, contact and more. However, they are hidden within the search bar and required. The new filter chips are more readily available and accessible for users and offer more extensive search filter options.
Recently, an online report revealed Google is planning to stop offering the unlimited plan to store your WhatsApp backups. Instead, the company may introduce a limited plan for the same.
In particular, they are planning to introduce changes for backups, notifications about when Google Drive is almost full, when the limit is reached and information about when the changes take effect.