GTA Criminal Enterprises update brings lots of cars; know which is the fastest one

Rockstar has recently surprised fans with The GTA Criminal Enterprises update, which has brought new gameplay features along with several new vehicles. Players enjoy speeding around the city in supercars at high speeds in GTA Online. Since the latest update brought several vehicle options to choose from, it has left gamers wondering which one’s the fastest. If you too are wondering about the fastest car in GTa online then you have landed on the right page. Check out fastest car on GTA online.

Fastest car in GTA online after GTA Criminal Enterprises update?

Rockstar is expected to introduce more vehicles in the future via dripfeed, but the fastest among the current car options is an HSW car. According to Sportskeeda, the current fastest car in all of GTA Online is the Stirling GT, however, originally, it could only go up to 112 mph (180.25 km/h). But, the new HSW performance upgrade made the Stirling GT the fastest car by taking its speed up to 156.80 mph (252.34 km/h).

Earlier, the Karin S95 was the fastest car with HSW modifications. The vehicle had a speed of 155.50 mph (250.25 km/h), which is slightly slower than the speed of the Benefactor Stirling GT ie, 156.80 mph (252.34 km/h). The fastest car without HSW modifications is the Grotti Vigilante, and the quickest non-weaponized and non-HSW vehicle is the Ocelot Pariah.

The other fastest vehicles from the next gen edition of GTA Online are Pegassi Weaponized Ignus with 146.3 mph speed, Grotti Turismo Classic with 150.5 mph, Bravado Banshee with 153 mph, Karin S95 with 155.5 mph and Shitzu Hakuchou Drag Bike with 157.5 mph speed. The Hakuchou Drag Bike is the only motorcycle to get the HSW upgrades.

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