hackers: Dark Souls players, here is some bad news for you


Quite recently, the PC servers of three Dark Souls games were taken offline due to a potential risk of a cyberattack. The games included Dark Souls 3, Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls: Remastered. Now, developer FromSoftware has an update and it is not very encouraging for players.
The PvP servers of Dark Souls games will stay offline till the release of Elden Ring, FromSoftware and Bandai Namco announced. Which is until February 25 at least as that’s the planned release date of Elden Ring.
Getting the proper testing environments up and ready will take some time, as per the developer and owing to that the servers can go back online only after the release of Elden Ring.
According to a report by VGC, the exploit in the three Dark Souls games could allow hackers to take control of players’ PCs remotely. The report also said that the vulnerability in the online servers of the games has been there for some time and was first reported by a Dark Souls 3 streamer who goes by the name of ‘The_Grim_Sleeper’. But the report got no reply from the developers. Then, the streamer tried another tack, and reportedly “streamed the exploit and took over his own PC, using a narration app to read out some text to prove how easy it was to control the system remotely”, which brought the issue to the attention of the developers. Consequently, the servers were taken offline.