Holi 2022: 5 Best Kanji Recipes For Your Holi Feast – NDTV Food Recommends

Spring is here and so is the time to celebrate the most colourful festival of the year – Holi. Holi is just around the corner and gulaal, water guns and delicious gujiya and namak have found their place in the local markets. While kids are busy stashing different types of colours to play Holi, elders in the house have started making arrangements for Holi party. And let’s agree, Holi party seems incomplete without food. Thandai, gujiya, kachori, namak pare, dahi bhalla and more – Holi feast is an elaborate affair with a myriad of yummy delicacies to indulge in. Another such Holi special dish is kanji. Also called ‘rai ka paani’ kanji is a fermented drink that adds a zing to your palate.

Besides being extremely flavourful, kanji is also known to have a rich nutrient-profile. A hearty mélange of healing herbs and spices makes this drink ideal for the digestive system. That’s not all. The fermentation process also makes kanji a great probiotic, aiding metabolism, immune system and overall health.

As the country is set to mark Holi on March 18, 2022, we will take you through some of our favourite Kanji recipes that can be a great addition to your Holi feast. Read on.

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Holi 2022 Special: Here’re 5 Kanji Recipes For You To Try:

Kanji Vada:

A classic street food, Kanji Vada makes for a traditional Holi drink in several households, especially across Rajasthan and Gujarat. Here, crispy urad dal vada is soaked in fermented rai ka paani, giving a unique flavor and texture to the drink. You can also avoid the vada and just enjoy the kanji as a cooling beverage. Click here for the classic kanji vada recipe.

Gajar Kanji:

We just love this zingy, tarty and salty drink with crunchy carrot cubes in it. What makes this drink yet special is the fact that it includes just three ingredients – gajar (preferably the darker one), mustard seeds and salt. That’s it. All you need to do is boil the gajar in water, add mustard seeds and salt in it and soak under the sun for 3-4 days. And your gajar kanji is ready to drink. Click here for gajar kanji recipe.

Berry Kanji:

We also found a unique kanji recipe for you. Here, instead of using the traditional carrot, we are making the drink with tarty berries. We are using frozen berries and a pool of spices- everything mixed together and fermented to create this amazing berry kanji for you. Click here for the berry kanji recipe.

Dahi Kanji:

A traditional Odia recipe, dahi kanji is traditionally prepared with rice water, curd, vegetables and some spices. You need to first boil vegetables in rice water and then add spiced dahi to it. Finally, add tadka of mustard seeds and curry leaves and relish. Click here for the dahi kanji recipe.

Beetroot-Carrot Kanji:

It is basically gajar kanji with beetroot added to it. Crunchy beetroot and carrot, fermented with mustard powder, salt and red chilli powder, make for a perfect drink to tantalise your taste buds. Click here for the beetroot-gajar kanji recipe.

Try these NDTV Food recommended Kanji recipes and let us know which one you liked the most. And also, share with us your favourite Holi drink recipe and get featured.

Happy Holi 2022, everyone!