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How are you meaning in Hindi: Do you want to know?What is How are you Meaning in Hindi“, either “What is the Hindi meaning of How are you?“A little bit of English is spoken nowadays in almost all areas, whether you are talking face-to-face or chatting with someone online. A simple word used in conversation is How are you, it means you should know. You should know what is meant by how are you and when and with whom to use it. You can also listen to this audio to understand Hindi meaning of How are you.

The craze of English communication is increasing day by day. In such a situation, if you go to learn English, then you are first taught Basic English. First you will be told that How are you Meaning in Hindi, What is the meaning of How are you etc. So let’s start the Basic English tutorial and first of all know that How are you called in Hindi (How are you meaning in Hindi?)

How are you meaning in Hindi | What do you mean? , How are you meaning in Hindi

How are you in Hindi?how are you?, how are you?, how are youIt is called. How are you speaking is used to make a personal inquiry about a person’s health or his or her mood.

How are you is a phrase whose meaning depends on different situations. When How are you is used for a female it means “How are you? Or how are you?” it happens. Whereas when How are you is used for a male, it means “How are you?, How are you? Or how are you?” it happens.

  • How = how, how
  • Are (R) = yes, are
  • You = you, you

How are you meaning in hindi ,

  • How are you?
  • How are you?
  • how are you
  • How are you?

How are you Example:

  • How are you Mam? (Mam, how are you?)
  • How are you Aman? (Aman, how are you?)
  • HI, Boss, How are you? (Boss, how are you?)

Just as you ask how are you while talking to someone in Hindi, in the same way, how are you saying in English which means how are you doing? / What’s new today? / How are you feeling? Etcetera. It is mostly used in formal situation. Formal position means a position where formalities are performed. For example, How are you can be used to inquire about the status of Teacher, Boss, Manager etc. Not only in formal situation but you can also use it with the people of the house.

How do you answer How are you?

Just like when you are asked how are you?, then you answer that ‘I am fine’. So in the same way you can answer How are you by saying I am fine. I am fine means I am fine. Not only I am Fine but also any words can be used in place of How are you like:

  • I am fine.
  • I am great.
  • I am Fantastic.
  • I am good.
  • Fine, thanks.
  • Great.

The answer to How are You varies from situation to situation, how come someone asks you “Hi, how are you today?”, your answer should be “Fine, thanks. It’s a beautiful day.” It means someone is asking you how are you today? So you are answering that today is a very beautiful day, today I am fine. Apart from this, you can also ask other questions to the person in front of you as an answer to How are you like:-

Answer of How are you
  • I’m good, thanks. And you?
  • I am fine, how’ve you been?
  • I am Fantastic, what about you?
  • I am great. Tell something about you.

How are you doing meaning in hindi

How are you doing? Hindi meaning of “what is going on”, “what is happening”. Many people take the meaning of How are you doing that “How are you”, but its meaning is different. This is a phrase that is used to ask a person what is going on or what is happening in his life. These words are mostly used in American English.

Just as when someone asks you how everything is going, you simply say that it is going well, tell yours. Just like when someone asks you How are you doing? so you Fine, and you? Can say.

How to respond to How are you doing?

In response to How are you doing, you can also say Well, Perfect or Fine, which means “good”. The answer to how are you doing depends on different situations. If you want with the answer, then you can ask the person in front of him also. Here we are telling you some relevant answers for How are you doing.

Reply to How are you doing
  • I am doing well.
  • Good, how about yourself?
  • I’m all right, but, no good!
  • ‘I’m fine, thanks, and you?’

What’s up Meaning in Hindi

You must have heard many people saying or seen in movies etc. Hey! What’s Up?, then hearing this word, the question must have come in your mind that what is the meaning of What’s up (What’s up meaning in Hindi). For your information, let me tell you that the Hindi meaning of What’s up is “What happened? Or what is happening?”. By using this word, the person wants to know what is going on at present?, is there some hot news? This word is asked with curiosity. Here are some examples which are related to What’s up and are used frequently:-

  • Hey, man. What’s up?
  • What’s up with your brother?
  • WHAT’S UP guys!?

How to answer What’s up?

As I mentioned above what’s up means, what is happening, what is going on, what happened etc. The answer to What’s up in English You can also work by saying Nothing. This is a phrase which is used in different conditions. Like if someone asks you what is happening or what is going on, then there are many answers to it. I answered it as Nothing because it means “nothing”. If someone asks something, you can also leave by saying “nothing”. Here are some examples of What’s up answers:

  • Nothing, I’m just watching a movie.
  • Nothing, I’m just reading a story.
  • Not much, I’m just playing a video game.
  • Nothing, Just tired.
Reply to What's up

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What is the Hindi meaning of How are you? (What is the Meaning of How are You in Hindi)

Hindi meaning of How are you is called “How are you?, How are you?, How are you”. How are you speaking is used to make a personal inquiry about a person’s health or his or her mood.

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The Hindi meaning of Hello is “Hello!”. Another person is greeted by saying hello. Sometimes Hello is also called “Listen” in Hindi.

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What about you Hindi meaning is “What about you?”. To say What About You to a person means to tell about yourself, how are you doing, etc.

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Where are you from Hindi meaning “Where are you from?”. Where are you from means you are being asked where is your house, or where do you live?

How are you Meaning in Hindi [Video]

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