How To Change Mobile Number In SBI Bank Account?

In this article, I will tell you this SBI Bank Account how in changing the mobile number, In my previous article I mentioned what is the customer service number for SBI Bank, and also provided information on other services that are related to it. You may have noticed that a lot of services offered by the bank such as Missed Call Service, SMS Service, and so on. can only be used if your phone’s number has been connected with your account at the bank i.e. linked. In this scenario it is a source of hassle for those who have a mobile number that is linked with the account was shut off or the SIM is missing from somewhere. This is why there is a question that pops up for a lot of bank account holders, SBI Bank how in mobile number changes do you do?

In case your SIM has been locked or stolen You can easily modify the registered mobile number within SBI Bank. In this article, you will find all the details about updating your mobile numbers in SBI Bank.

SBI Bank Account how in the mobile number change,

Today, we can obtain a lot of details about bank accounts via our mobile phones and, at the same time, we can conduct online transactions, etc. without going to the branch of the bank. OTPs are sent to the mobile number that you have registered during any transaction or transfer from your bank account. This means that If you don’t have your registered mobile number you will not be able to perform the transaction. The same is true for you won’t receive any other details related to your account such as the Amount Debit or Credit on the mobile number. Therefore, the best way to avoid the various issues is to change the registered mobile number on the bank account.

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In this article, we will explain three methods to alter the registered mobile number of SBI Bank. It is possible to update your mobile number on your SBI Bank Account in any manner depending on your preference. These three methods are described below, and each one of them we’ll go over individually.

  1. Registering Mobile Numbers by via SBI Internet Banking.
  2. Update your registered mobile number by going to SBI Branch
  3. Registering Mobile Numbers via SBI ATM

Online SBI Bank Account In Mobile Number, How to Change it?

The most effective method to update your mobile numbers in SBI Bank is Internet Banking. However, keep in mind that your internet banking needs to be activated to allow this. If you are using Internet Banking, then you are able to change your registered mobile number on your bank account on your own. To do this, follow the steps listed below.

  1. First of all Go to If you want, you can also go by clicking on this link.
  2. Log in using Your Net Banking Account ID as well as password.
  3. Then click on Profile beneath My Account. After that, select Personal Details. Then enter the Profile Password.
  4. Your name, email address, your registered number for mobile will be displayed before you. Click the Change Phone Number. Only for Domestic Use.
  5. Then, fill in your phone number two times. Then click Submit.
  6. When you click submit After clicking submit, you will see the two last digits of the mobile number, as well as an email message. Once you have clicked OK, it will prompt you to confirm the number.
  7. Following that, you’ll be presented with three options of mobile number approval in this new window. First, you can receive an OTP on both numbers, while the third is done through a debit Card.
  8. If you have an old registered mobile number, you are able to verify the new mobile number using both OTP or by using a debit card.
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SBI Branch from Registered Mobile Number How Do I Change to,

  • The first step is to make sure you visit your local SBI Branch.
  • Stop at the counter and request an update form for the mobile number.
  • Complete your new mobile number, signature , and other details correctly , and then submit this form to the responsible bank manager.
  • The bank’s officials will examine the application form submitted by you, and then they will join your mobile number to your bank account.
  • This entire process can take up to one day. After the mobile number is updated, you will get an SMS message on your phone.

SBI ATM at Bank Mobile Number How Do I Change It?

  1. The first step is to make sure you visit the nearest SBI ATM Machine.
  2. Card Swap. Once you have done this, you will be presented with a variety of options Click on Register within them.
  3. Then enter your four-digit ATM PIN.
  4. Following that, a variety of options will be displayed before you. Choose the option to register your mobile number among them.
  5. Then, you can choose to change your Mobile Number option.
  6. You must first make sure you enter the old phone number. Then, you must confirm your current mobile number.
  7. Following that, an OTP can be sent both of your mobile numbers. It are valid for four hours. It is essential to have both mobile numbers to be able to use the OTP. Once you’ve entered the OTP the bank’s Registered mobile number is updated within some time.

last word,

In this article, I will discuss three ways to update your mobile number at SBI Bank. The information above is taken off the website for SBI Bank. I hope that this article can help you. If you enjoyed this article I invite you to share this post with your fellow SBI accounts holders. If you’ve any queries regarding the bank, or encounter any difficulties changing the details on your SBI Bank Registered Mobile Number Please let us know via comment, and we’ll attempt to respond to your queries whenever we can.