How To Make GIF Animated Picture? Best GIF Maker Apps

How To Make GIF ? Also if you want to make GIF Animated Picture from your mobile, then you have come to the right place, here you will know what is GIF Animation Picture, how to make GIF Animated Picture with the help of mobile.

Now that you know that GIF Animation Image looks very good, you must have seen many GIF images on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Did you know that you can also create GIF Animation Image with the help of your mobile phone and download and share it, you can create GIF Animation Image both on your mobile phone and computer/laptop.

In today’s post you will learn what is GIF Image, How to make GIF Image from Mobile, How to make WhatsApp GIF Image, What are GIF making Apps.

What is GIF Animation Image?

Before we make Animated Gif Image, we must know what is GIF Image and what is Full Format of GIF Image, so now we will know what GIF Image is.

Just like there are many image formats like JPG. PNG and EPS. And such. Likewise, GIF is a file format of the Image itself, the full format of GIF is Graphics Interchange Format.

With the help of this file format, you can create a moving animated image. And with its help you can also create a permanent image. GIF is mostly used to create web graphics.

GIF images do not contain sound, GIF was released on June 15, 1987 by Team CompuServe, an online service provider led by American computer scientist Steve Wilhite.

How to make GIF Animation Picture from mobile

Nowadays most people use their mobile phones more and it is also easy to create GIF Animated Image on mobile, so today we will tell you 2 ways to make GIF Animated Image from mobile.

  1. by website
  2. via app

1) How to Create GIF Animation Image Online

You can create a GIF animation image online with the help of the website, you have to follow the steps given below to create an online GIF animation image.

Stage 1) First of all, you need to open the Chrome browser on your mobile.

Step 2) Now you have to type in Chrome or else click here By doing so you can access this website directly.

Stage 3) After that, this website will open. Now, if you want to make GIF from Image, you have to click on Upload Image and if you are making GIF from Video, you need to click on GIF from Video.

banane ke liye upload images par click square gif images for

Step 4) Clicking Upload Image will open your mobile gallery. Select the photos you want to make GIFs. You can upload a maximum of 300 JPG, PNG and GIF images here.

Step 5) The images will take some time to load, you have to wait for the images to load. Then you will see many options.

click create gif animation in gifmaker
  1. Control Board Here you can see your uploaded image as animated or GIF.
  2. Animation Speed ​​– From here, you can increase or decrease the animation speed of the image, that is, the speed of moving the image.
  3. Repeat Time – From here you can set how many times you want to run the image loop.
  4. Music URL – If you want to add music to your GIF, with the help of this option you can copy the music link from YouTube and paste it here, this is an optional part, you can also leave it.

step 6) After doing all this, now you need to click on Create GIF Animation.

step 7) After that, if you want to see the GIF once before downloading, you have to click View GIF or you can also download GIF Directly by clicking Download GIF.

gif download karne ke liye gif par tick square download

In this way, you can easily create a good GIF Animation image with the help of the online website.

Best GIF Maker Websites ,

If you don’t like this website, you can get help from other websites, here are some of the best GIF Maker Websites

2) How to make GIF Animation Image from app

Creating GIF Animated Images is even easier with the App and you can create a really cool GIF with the App. Now let us know how to create GIF Animation Image from Apps.

Stage 1) To create GIF animation image, you must first download GIPHY App from Play Store. Or you can also download the GIPHY App by clicking the Download button.

Step 2) After downloading the GIPHY App, you now need to open it and then click on Get Started.

Stage 3) It will now ask you to create an account. However, you can also skip this step by clicking the cross (×) icon above.

Step 4) Now you will come to the main page of the Application. Also Trending GIF, Clip Stories and Stickers etc. You also need to click Create + to make GIF which you can download.

giphy app par gif banane ke liye par click create square

Step 5) Now you have to select the photo or video from the gallery.

gallery mein se choose photo or video frame

step 6) We are making video to GIF, so we chose a video.

gif ko design square giphy app mein

Now in this you will see many options

  1. With the help of this option, you can add text to the video.
  2. With the help of it you can apply Animation Filters.
  3. From here you can put stickers on the video.
  4. Click this option to trim the video.

step 7) After doing all this, you have to click on the Arrow Icon (➡), after that your Gif will be ready. Now you can also download this GIF.

How to make GIF Animated Picture/Video on WhatsApp

Did you know that you can also create animated GIFs from WhatsApp, you don’t need any website or any app for that.

Stage 1) To make GIF from Video in WhatsApp, you first need to open WhatsApp on your mobile and open the chat you want to send GIFs to.

Step 2) Now open the video you want to GIF.

whatsapp par gif banane ke liye gallery par tik kare

Stage 3) Now decide where in the video you want to make the GIF. But keep in mind that you can only make 0.06-second GIFs on WhatsApp.

gif design square for whatsapp

Step 4) As soon as you trim the video for 0.06 seconds, the GIF option starts to appear on the right, the sound is cut off from the video as soon as you click it, and it becomes GIF. You can also put emoji and text.

Step 5) After making the GIF completely, you need to click on the Send Icon. After that you will see that it is sent in GIF format.

step 6) To download the GIF you have to open the GIF, after clicking the three dots above you will see the Save option. Where can you download the GIF?

GIF Animator Apps for Android

Above you learned how to make GIF Animation Picture with the help of Website and Apps, how to create GIF Animation Picture with the help of WhatsApp. Now we will learn Best Practices for making GIFs.

1) GIF Maker, GIF Editor

This app is one of the best GIF maker apps where you can create high quality GIFs without any watermarks. With the help of this app, you can convert images and videos to create GIF images.

With the help of it you get many powerful tools (Crop, Resize, Speed, Emojis, Handwriting etc) with which you can create a very beautiful and easy GIF and also download. This app has a 4.5 star rating on the Google Play Store and more than 10 million people have downloaded this app.

2) GIF Maker – Video to GIF, GIF Editor

GIF Maker is also a better choice to create GIF in GIF creator apps category. This app has a great rating of 4.3 stars and Over 1 Million Downloads on the Google Play Store.

In GIF Maker App, you can convert Image & Video to GIF and GIF to Video & Image and also edit GIF. However, you get Meme Maker Tool, Speed ​​Control, Reverse GIF, Emojis, Add Frame, Text etc in this app, you can also download GIF in High Quality Resolution.

3) GIF Maker – GIF Editor

In GIF Maker App, you can convert Video and Multiple Images to GIF and share this GIF on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

In this app you can cut and crop the video before converting it to GIF and you can combine 200+ images to make GIF in this app. This App is made by Kayak Studio and has more than 5 Million Downloads.

4) ImgPlay

With the help of ImgPlay you can easily create a beautiful GIF, in this application you can convert Video and Multiple Images to GIF and use Filters to make GIF funny and beautiful. Click the Download button to download this application.

5) EZ GIF Maker

EZ GIF Maker is a free app with which you can easily create animated content by adjusting tools, in this app you can edit GIF and create GIF by converting images and videos in one click, and you can apply Contrast, reverse, More special effects in it like Hue.

Some questions about making a GIF image

1) What is the exact format of the GIF?

The full format of GIF is Graphics Interchange Format.

2) Can we make a GIF image from mobile?

Yes, you definitely can, you can make GIFs from mobile as we mentioned above.

3) When was the GIF created?

The GIF was created by Steve Wilhite of CompuServe on June 15, 1987.

4) Where GIF is used

GIFs are used for Emotional Reactions on Blogs, Instant Messaging Apps, and Social Media.

Summary – In today’s post you learned what GIF is, how to make GIF animation image, how to make GIF animation image on WhatsApp and best practices for making GIFs.

I hope you enjoyed this article very much and now you can easily make GIFs with the help of your mobile phone. But if you still have trouble making GIFs, you can ask us in the comments.