Instagram is reportedly removing this feature from the app


Instagram is reportedly removing a feature from its app. According to a report by TechCrunch, the photo and video sharing app is discontinuing a shorter daily time limit and is encouraging users to update their settings. Earlier, Instagram users were able to select a time limit as low as five minutes a day. However, the new time limit begins at 30 minutes and goes up to three hours.
TechCrunch has shared a screenshot sent by an Instagram user. The screenshot shows a pop-up, which appears on the top of their feed urging them to set a new daily limit. The pop-up also mentions that users can keep their old limit intact if they want. On the other hand, if users want to change the limit, then they have to click on the edit button and direct them to select a preset option.
The lowest option available in the app is 30 minutes. The report also adds that an additional popup on the app mentions that it no longer supports the 10-minute value.
The report further adds that the app is also sending reminders to users to change the setting for a couple of weeks.
To recall, Instagram introduced the feature to set up daily the time limit in 2018. The feature enables users to track how much time is spent on the app.
Earlier this month, Instagram introduced a new feature called ‘Take a Break’. The feature helps people make informed decisions about the way they are spending their time.
‘Take a Break’ is a feature that will show up for people, as they have been scrolling for a certain amount of time. They will be asked to take a break from Instagram and suggest that they set reminders to take more breaks in the future.