Internet speed will double from WiFi 7, know what is WiFi 7


Qualcomm announces upgrade to WiFi 6. WiFi 7 is the next generation wireless connectivity standard, which is expected to have twice the internet speed and half the latency (latency) compared to WiFi 6. While some devices are yet to support WiFi 6, an even faster wireless connectivity, WiFi 7, is being developed.

Announcing the new WiFi 7, Qualcomm said it would Not only will it focus on defining features that will bring more speed and efficiencies but will also significantly improve low latency performance. Qualcomm said in a blog post, “The combination of latency, speed and capacity improvements in Wi-Fi 7 will be at the heart of the most advanced use cases in XR, Metaverse, social gaming, edge compute and more.”

MediaTek, another chip maker, was earlier quoted as saying that WiFi will be three times faster than WiFi 6. Not only that, WiFi 7 will bring a list of features including a powerful MLO feature, which will enable multiple link creation across multiple bands.

You must have read in the specs seat of most premium devices that they do not support WiFi Comes with support for 6. You wonder what that is, but don’t care enough reading, you assume it has something to do with the speed of the WiFi and the higher the number, the better the speed. Going forward, you will get devices that will come with WiFi 7 support. So what does it actually mean?

WiFi 7, is an upgrade to WiFi 6 and claims to have three times the speed of WiFi 6. The new wireless connectivity standard will have a transmission rate of 30 Gbps. Now, if you compare WiFi 6 and WiFi 7, the next generation standard is a major upgrade over WiFi 6 which has a transmission rate of 9.6Gbps. WiFi 7 uses 320 MHz single-channel bandwidth. This is also a major upgrade over WiFi 6, using only 160MHz of bandwidth. The increased bandwidth will allow more devices to connect to it. This will be especially useful in offices, restaurants and railway stations as it will allow more people to connect their devices to the network and speed will not be compromised.

WiFi 7 has been added to some features. Introduced with features including multi-link capability, modulation development, flexible channel usage and 320 MHz channel bandwidth. According to Qualcomm, Wi-Fi 7’s multi-link capability provides multiple options for clients to use these channels.

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