Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wants to douse Celtics’ tears on hot dogs

The Los Angeles Lakers-Boston Celtics rivalry is one that will go down in NBA history forever. They met in three out of four years in the mid-1980s, with the Lakeshow beating Larry Bird and Co. in 1985 to win the title and it’s clear Kareem Abdul-Jabbar still flourishes in taking down Boston.

The Lakers legend talked about a variety of topics on Jimmy Fallon earlier this week but none was more comical than this. Via Legion Hoops,

Kareem’s favorite hot dog topping? The tears of the Celtics after the 85′ NBA Finals. That is absolutely savage and will surely piss off the likes of Bird and Danny Ainge, even almost 40 years later. That series was an absolute war, with LA winning 4-2 after losing 4-3 in 1984 to the C’s. The Lakers also went on to defeat Boston in the 1987 Finals.

Abdul-Jabbar was utterly dominant in the 85′ series, averaging 25.7 points, nine rebounds, and 5.2 assists to carry the load. These two teams really disliked each other and both in their own right became dynasties at the time. Even to this day, you’ll see legends from LA and Boston throw subtle jabs at one another after they battled it out on the big stage. This is just another example and to be honest, Kareem straight burned the Celtics here. Lakers fans will love it.

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