Keeping your inner childhood alive is important for mental health

You can rekindle your inner child at any age. For this, you have to remember to follow in the footsteps of your inner child.

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As we grow up in life, more of an artificiality starts coming in us. We start paying too much attention to advice or etiquette and stop enjoying the little things in life. Do we start worrying about what people will think of it if we do this work of our minds? Simply put, we kill the child inside us. In a column published in the Hindustan newspaper, Ho’oponopono expert Dr. Karishma Ahuja has written that we get into the serious part of life as we grow up. That’s why we forget to be comfortable and have fun. But do you know how important it is for our health to keep our inner child alive?

Dr. Karishma has given some tips regarding this. He says that the good thing for us is that we can rekindle our inner child at any age. You don’t need to be very different for this. You have to remember to follow in the footsteps of your inner child. When you do this, you can use your imagination to stop or remove what is happening in your life today.

Be curious and open-minded.

Children are curious by nature. If they see something new, they want to experience it. They don’t have any previous experience to base their decisions on, so they ask questions about how things work. So you too should be more curious to know about your life as a child. Create new ideas like a child. Aim to learn something new every day by asking yourself or others questions that will help generate ideas that will lead to new experiences.

What will people think?

Children don’t bother themselves or waste their energy on what others think of them. That’s why they are very creative and alert. There was no pretense in them. But the irony is that the person you feel is judging you is worried that someone else is thinking of him. So when you feel like you are being considered, remind yourself that you will always be deemed, so why not do what you want? Give up thinking about what others will think; it will give you a loving and positive mindset.

Don’t be afraid of mistakes.

Children are courageous, they have no fear, and they are significant risk-takers. That’s why they keep trying to walk, run, play with things, start conversations with strangers. Even if they don’t know how it will happen to them, we certainly cannot learn or live fully without taking risks or doing something different. So if you have some ideas or you are confident about them from within, be brave. If you don’t do this, you will stay where you are. But if you do some work on it, then you will live the life of your dreams.