Kevin Durant reality check from Skip Bayless amid trade drama

Kevin Durant wants out of the Brooklyn Nets. The former league MVP and future Hall of Famer made this abundantly clear when he demanded a trade away from his current team after just two seasons (three if you count the first year he sat out due to injury).

At this point, it feels like Durant’s exit is a foregone conclusion. It seems like it’s only a matter of time before the Nets find a suitable trade partner, and of course, a trade package that is worthy of KD’s superstar status.

If you ask Skip Bayless, however, the outspoken NBA analyst says that if it were up to him, he wouldn’t let Durant walk away that easily:

“If I ran the Nets, I’d tell Kevin Durant, ‘You have 4 years left on your contract. You’re playing for the Nets next year, with Kyrie and Ben Simmons. We’re going to win it all.’ If KD wanted a different coach, fine. But why give up KD & Kyrie and pretty much start over? Just me.” Bayless said in his tweet,

Skip pretty much suggests that the Nets should hold Durant hostage against his will. Either that or Brooklyn somehow convinces him to change his mind about jumping ship. Skip also believes that the Nets should keep Kyrie Irving. Finally, the outspoken NBA personality suggested that if he wanted to, KD could actually get Steve Nash replaced.

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To be fair, Bayless does have a point here. Technically speaking, Durant (and Irving) has an obligation to fulfill his contract with the Nets. Although, we all know how much power NBA superstars yield these days.

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