Klay Thompson’s dad hits Timberwolves with brutal joke

While watching the Golden State Warriors’ championship parade, Klay Thompson’s dad–two-time NBA title winner Mychal Thompson–couldn’t stop himself from mocking the Minnesota Timberwolves and reminding them what roster they could have.

Mychal took to Twitter to joke that the Warriors should give the Timberwolves a ring for their massive role in helping them win four titles in eight years. After all, had Minnesota not passed on Stephen Curry (twice!) and Klay Thompson during their respective drafts, Golden State wouldn’t be able to build their dynasty.

And to rub insult to injury, the Timberwolves basically paid to give them Andrew Wiggins, who was pivotal in the Dubs’ 2022 title win.

“Ya no the Warriors gotta send a ring to Minnesota…Y…Well, they PASSED on Steff and Klay in the draft AND they traded Wiggins to G State…So yeah…Minesota shud get a ring too,” Mychal wrote on Twitter,

To be fair, Minnesota didn’t really need any reminder. Timberwolves fans have been seeing that factoid ever since the 2022 NBA Finals started, but they really can’t blame anyone but the organization for the team’s failures.

And unfortunately for the Minnesota franchise, it’s unlikely that their misery will end any time soon. While they have elite talents like Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns, they are far from title contention. On the other hand, it looks like the Warriors–led by the Stephen Curry-Klay Thompson duo–are poised to compete for more titles in the next couple of years.

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