linkedin: Microsoft brings LinkedIn profile integration to Teams


Microsoft is bringing LinkedIn profile integration to its Teams video platform. This means that Microsoft Teams users will be able to see their colleague’s LinkedIn profiles in one-to-one chats. Microsoft says that the feature is expected to roll out next month. It will be available to all global users across Microsoft Teams web and desktop versions.
To access LinkedIn profiles in Teams, users do not need to connect their LinkedIn and Microsoft
accounts. But in case they do, Microsoft says that the users will be able to discover more about a person in any one-on-one chat in Teams. Here’s how you can do it

  • Open Microsoft Teams and go to any one-on-one chat
  • Click on the LinkedIn tab
  • Select Sign in now to connect your LinkedIn account.
  • In order to use LinkedIn in Teams, one needs to share LinkedIn account data with Microsoft apps. Connect your LinkedIn account to Microsoft apps.

Connecting your Microsoft account to LinkedIn is optional. But Microsoft will recommend doing it for an enhanced LinkedIn experience This allows data from your Microsoft apps to be shared with LinkedIn to customize your LinkedIn experience.
LinkedIn will import and store your contacts but won’t send invites without your permission. One can also select the profile of the person they want to connect with.
How to use LinkedIn in Microsoft Teams:

  • Open Microsoft Teams on your device and go to any one-on-one chat.
  • Click the LinkedIn tab to see the individual’s work experience, skills, endorsements, and more.