mac: ChromeOS Flex: Google’s new OS for Windows, Mac users


Google has made quite a few inroads with its Chromebooks and ChromeOS in the Windows and Mac dominated PC markets. And now it’s taking a step further by introducing a new version of ChromeOS for Windows PCs and Mac devices. According to a blog post by Google, the new OS will be called ChromeOS Flex. Here are all the details:

What is ChromeOS Flex?

According to Google, Chrome OS Flex is a new, free-to-download operating system from Google. “Built for businesses and schools, it’s fully compatible with Google’s powerful cloud-based management,” said Google in the blog post. Chrome OS Flex is meant for Mac and Windows PC users who want to use a different OS on their laptops.

What are the key features of ChromeOS Flex?

Google claims that Chrome OS Flex will provide fast access to web apps and ease of use. Chrome OS Flex boots up in seconds and doesn’t slow down over time. And with system updates that happen in the background, there’s less downtime for users.
With Chrome OS Flex, there’s no need for antivirus software, claims Google. With regular security updates, Chrome OS Flex has built-in protection against threats including viruses, ransomware, and phishing.

How different is ChromeOS Flex from ChromeOS?

Not too different. Chrome OS Flex, according to Google, comes with apps and services like Chrome Browser, Google Assistant, and cross-device features in the same user interface as Chrome OS.

Why ChromeOS is a ‘lifeline’ for old laptops?

Since ChromeOS is light and easy to use, it could give a lifeline to old laptops. “Rather than disposing of aging PCs and Macs, refresh them with a modern and fast operating system to reduce e-waste,” said Google in the blog post.
How to download ChromeOS Flex?
Google said that it has testing Chrome OS Flex with Googlers and other large customers. The OS is now available for early access to users. “A USB drive and compatible PC or Mac is all you need to get started, and it’s free to download,” said Google.
Users you can try Chrome OS Flex without installing it by booting directly from the USB drive – risk free. Users can install Chrome OS Flex on your PC or Mac to replace their operating system for the best experience.

Things to keep in mind before trying ChromeOS Flex

Since it is early access and is on the developers’ channel, users should know that they can encounter many bugs. Google has said that a stable version of Chrome OS Flex will be available in the coming months.