macs: Apple registers 3 new Macs in Eurasian regulatory database: Report


Apple has registered three new Macs in the Eurasian regulatory database, as per a report by Consomac. The devices bear the model numbers A2615, A2686, and A2681, out of which one model is said to be a laptop.
As per reports, Apple could hold its first event of the year on March 8, with a new Mac expected to be unveiled at the virtual event. Since the tech giant’s products show up usually in the Eurasian database about 1-3 months before launch, it could very well be possible that Apple is gearing up to showcase at least one of the new Macs soon.
As for the speculated March event, it could be the high-end Mac mini, the Apple Silicon Mac Pro or even the iMac Pro. However, it would be judicious for the company to hold back on the iMac Pro for the WWDC to be held in June this year.
The tech giant had got iPhone and iPad models registered in the Eurasian Economic Commission database recently, which could most likely be the iPhone SE and the iPad Air. The new iPhone model numbers are A2595, A2783, and A2784 while the iPad models are A2436, A2696, A2759, A2437, A2591, A2757, A2761 and A2766.
As per the requirements of the Eurasian Economic Commission, all the hardware using encryption has to be registered in its database. So, the registering of the upcoming products months before the official announcement has become a hint at the major launches the companies are planning at. Last year, seven iPhone models were listed in the Eurasian database with the identifiers: A2628, A2630, A2634, A2635, A2640, A2643, and A2645.