Manga Mercenary Enrolment Chapter 91 Is Back With a New Setup; Exclusive Details Revealed.

Mercenary Enrolment

The creational setup of YC Mercenary Enrollment is published by STUDIOS JHS. It was published on November 6, 2020, and published on WEBTOON Korean comic books. The manga deals with Ljin’s trouble at the SW group though no one is in linking with Yuna.

The legit fight between Lin and Yoengha is a game-changer, while the old man was the first one to discover whatever was happening. There was a special appearance by Yeongha in Japan to send away Yuna and shares were to be captured.

The main characters are:

  • Yu-Lin
  • Koh Sukjoo
  • Grandfather
  • Shin Jiyeh
  • 032

Yuna only told Ljin that she wanted to stay there so now he is completely ready to bring her out of the mess without the criticism. Eventually, ljin hit the guard that was blocking him from talking to Yuna.

The story develops with the ongoing engagement with the action sequel and is a hit in the comic genre. Jin is kinda and undefeatable while Dayton is the naïve as well as an extremely sweet individual. Manhwa consistently suffered from the same problems while fighting the same scenes.

The classroom navigation strategies are learned by Ljin with only one year left of the high school. He’s a tall, graying adolescent with long brown hair. He appears to be slightly smaller than the members of the Special Military Force, but at least as strong and he currently has the upper hand over the other characters in the manhwa.

At the age of eight, Ijin Yu lost his parents in a plane crash and now is forced to become a child mercenary to stay alive. He returns home ten years later to be reunited with his family in Korea, where everything seems perfect. But now with only one year of high school left, Ijin must master to avenge his way around the schoolhouse battleground.

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Being protective and looking out for what needs to be done but is this something that everyone wants or is in desperate need to be achieved without saying anything. There are a lot of mysterious questions that need answers but where will this journey take them and what is in their fortune. All the questions will soon be answered and the mystery will be solved in the next episode released around the end of the month.


There are a total of 87 chapters. Mercenary Enrollment is most probably to release on 25 June 2022 with all the exclusive solved mystery and full updated details.

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